Alienated – Melissa Landers

I picked up this both due to all the hype it was receiving and I have to admit I had high expectations. By no means is this a bad review as it was an enjoyable read which just didn’t tickle my fancy!

Two years ago, an alien race from the planet L’eihr made contact with humans for the first time. They have superior intelligence, technology, and medicine. Both governments agreed to a temporary alliance to see if their nations can co-exist peacefully and learn from one another. L’eihr will be sending three of their most gifted teenagers to live with three human families. Cara Sweeney, future valedictorian of her high school, is chosen to host Aelyx, including bringing him to her school. As you can imagine, not everyone is in accordance with this plan, fearing that the aliens have an ulterior motive. Protesting quickly escalates to hatred and violence, leading to a fast-paced and high stakes conclusion.

The storyline I thought sounded fab and I was really looking forward to what happened however I felt that actually the storyline was pretty predictable which in some cases was a little disappointing but at the same time a found it addicting so much so I found it difficult to put down and if I had more free time would have finished it in a matter of days! The idea of the L’eihrs however I really liked and found really interesting learning more about their culture.

Character wise I still have mixed feelings for Cara, I loved the idea of her having a blog and wanting to be a successful journalist as she reminded me of myself but I hated the fact that she joined the exchange for her blog not to say thank you for helping her mother! I did though like how she was able to stick up for herself and was also smart but compassionate as well.

As for Aelyx, I wasn’t a fan of his at first as he came off as snobbish and judgmental, however over time, mostly due to Cara and her family’s kindness and his budding romance with Cara, his emotionless exterior begins to crack. It’s a well done character arc, and I was swooning for him way before the end. However, one negative about both characters were that they were very cliche and easy to predict which took away some of the suspense and drama.

However I liked how the parents weren’t missing in action in this book. Cara’s parents were present in the story. I liked how they were involved with their kid. Not like most of the fictional parents on YA books who are almost always absent throughout the book.

Overall, I rate this book 3.5 stars as it was an enjoyable read with a interesting storyline and characters but I am still unsure whether I will be picking up the sequel.


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