Meeting the Cast of Shadow and Bone (Netflix Virtual Fan Event)

I’m still a bit in shock, but last weekend I had the honour of attending a virtual fan meet & greet with the cast and creators of Shadow and Bone! WHAT?! It’s no secret that I’m utterly obsessed and head over heels for this show, so the chance to meet the cast was an experience like no other and one that I will cherish.

I was very fortunate enough to be one of the hundreds of lucky fans around the world who attended the exclusive Q&A, and it was lovely to interact with the cast and learn more about their filming experience. The love and enthusiasm this cast has for each other and this show is so wholesome and heartwarming, and I’d give anything to be a part of their little inner circle! So Netflix, if you want to fly me to Budapest to interview the cast for season 2 or hire me as an extra, then hit me up! I think I’d look good in a Kefta!

I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life, and I will openly admit that I fully fangirled when each cast member appeared on screen, so I was quite glad that there was a lot of us! And then, when Leigh and Eric joined us, I died. The Q&A was over zoom, and you were broken off into different rooms where you waited for the magic to happen and for your chance to submit questions to the cast. The first session was with the Crows (Freddie, Amita, Danielle, Kit and Calahan), and the energy these five brought with them to the call was contagious.

One of my favourite moments of the call was when the cast was asked what skills they had that would convince Kaz (Freddie) to hire them for a heist. If I was Kaz, then I’d hire Amita! She argued that her height would allow her to squeeze into small spaces, that her long hair could hide different things and that she could also speak lots of languages, I mean, what more could you want! Kit revealed that he had a great memory, and Danielle shared that she was an expert when it came to Instagram stalking and finding information about people!

The cast were also asked to share their characters favourite line, and I couldn’t agree more with their choices! Danielle’s favourite line was ‘Were you born a prick, or was it a choice?’, a quote that encapsulates Nina’s personality and relationship with Matthias. Freddie chose the line that I’m sure many fans were waiting for, ‘no mourners, no funerals’ and Amita picked the brilliant line that was ‘in that case, I’ll take my knife back.’ I agree with Kit when he said that Jesper has too many iconic lines to pick just one, and it surprised me to learn that Calahan’s favourite lines were when Matthias and Nina revealed their names to each other!

The second call was then with Ben, Jessie, Archie, Leigh and Eric and, it was here that we got to learn more about the cast and their antics outside of filming! The cast and crew are like one big happy family, and they revealed the cast regularly hosted game nights. One of their favourite games to play was the wine box game, and if you’ve never played the aim is to pick up a wine box with your teeth without putting your hands or knees on the floor. Each round you then cut off a piece until it’s just a bit of card on the floor. I don’t like to brag but I am a CHAMP at that game and would give anything to challenge the cast to a round!

I’ve been to a few meet-and-greets, but this one takes the win for a most unique one, so when it came to getting our ‘pictures’ I had to use a little bit of editing magic! This was such a fun experience that I’m very grateful to have been apart of so thank you again to Netflix and the incredible cast and crew of Shadow and Bone!


24 thoughts on “Meeting the Cast of Shadow and Bone (Netflix Virtual Fan Event)

    1. I ADORE this cast and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to interact with them! I fully swooned when I saw Ben Barnes, phew! 😍 The energy and love this cast has for each other is so heartwarming and I’d give anything to be apart of their little group! ✨

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  1. Aaaahhh, I’m literally sitting here fangirling about the show all over again! Although I’m also extremely envious, I’m not gonna lie 😁 What an awesome opportunity, and thanks for sharing a few tidbits with us! 😊 It’s so interesting knowing what everyone’s favorite lines were, and of course, knowing that Amita speaks so many languages makes me think she’s even cooler!

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    1. It’s been two weeks and I’m still fangirling, it was intense! I love this cast so much and I really enjoyed listening to all their answers! Their positive energy and love for this show really came across and I’d give anything to be apart of their game nights! Fingers crossed they host more of these events in the future! 🥰✨

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  2. Oh, my gosh, WOW! The show was amazing and eeee! I can’t even comprehend the excitement you must be feeling! Also, I’m so jealous tbh! I can’t believe freddy said No mourners No funerals! This was so fun to read :))

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    1. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m still not over the fact that I met the cast, it was incredible! They are such a wonderful and enthusiastic group of people and it was amazing learning about their time on set! Finger crossed that they host more events like this in the future! 🥰✨

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  3. This sounds like such a fun experience! The cast looks like they had a lot of fun on the series, so its cool how they have cool events to interact with fans! Which cast member is your favorite? 😍✨

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  4. ohhh myyyyyy I’m sooooo jealouussss, specially by that screenshot! You’re luckyyyy! I can feel the chills of what you must be feeling! I love shadow and bone as much as I adoreee the cast – they are so cool, and they really match each others personalities in order to be the best of friendss! Thankk you so much for sharing thiss, it was such a great and amazing opprtunity ahh. 💖🥺🥺

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