My Birthday Trip to Oxford | Oct 2020

To celebrate turning the ripe old age of twenty-three, I treated myself to a little getaway in Oxford and had the most magical time. Oxford has always been on my bucket list of UK cities, it is a city dedicated to the influence of literature and good stories, and as soon as I stepped off the train, it felt like I was being welcomed with open arms. The city is designed for wanderers it is so easy to get lost in your thoughts or conversation with a friend and still end up somewhere cosy and familiar. I’d give my left arm to wake up every morning with a coffee and sit reading my book in University Park!

When visiting new places, I make it my mission to find the best places to eat and the city of Oxford excelled! The current 10 pm curfew here in the UK meant that all the eating and the drink started very early, so we got dressed up and headed first for cocktails at Quod and then to this wonderful Italian restaurant called Branca! I can’t recommend this place enough, it was amazing, the Aperol Spritz and Gnocchi were a 10/10! We then finished the night with more cocktails at The Lighthouse, which again was stunning!

The next morning, after a very slow and steady wake up, we drugged ourselves up on coffee and made the most out of the city on a quiet Sunday morning, it was so peaceful. With rumbling bellies, we then took our recovering selves to George St Social for brunch which by no surprise was so good and exactly what we needed!

Now did you really go to Oxford if you didn’t visit a couple of bookshops? I’ll also leave a link to my Oxford book haul here, if you want to check that out!

Blackwells – I only wish that I had a Blackwells near me, as I’m obsessed! I could easily spend an entire afternoon exploring the endless shelves and magical adventures hidden in the pages that line the walls. Plus they had a good ‘3 for 2’ deal on readers favourites, so I had to pick up a few to add to my TBR!

Waterstones – Oxford’s Waterstones stands proud on the corner of Broad Street with its curved windows and grand architecture, making it a proud giant of the high street. With five floors of books, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, or just something that picks your fancy. Although the cafe was closed, it looks like it would be the perfect places to sit and grab a coffee.

The Last Book Shop – One of my favourite things in the world is independent bookshops, and Oxford is full of them! We stumbled upon this bookshop when we were ambling around and I so glad I did as it soon became one of my favourite stores of the trip. If you’re looking for that cosy little bookshop stacked with loads of reasonably priced books, then this place is ideal. I couldn’t believe how cheap some of the books were and I had to stop myself from going overboard

Oxfam – A staple for anyone looking for some pre-loved bargains! There’s plenty of Oxfam’s in Oxford and are the perfect destination if you’re looking for your next read

St Phillips Books – This one is tucked away down a quiet alley and is very easy to miss! Every nook and cranny is filled with books, and it honestly feels like you’ve stumbled into an endless library filled with vintage second-hand books.

The Book Stop – A sister location to The Last Book Shop, this is another cosy and welcoming space that is filled with all genre of books. When visiting Oxford’s bookshops, I recommend to always start with the independents, not only does it help support local businesses but the chances are that you’ll find the book you’re looking for at half the price!

My Birthday Book Haul

It was my 23rd birthday on Monday and to celebrate I went to Oxford for the weekend and spent my time drinking fancy cocktails and visiting lots of bookshops, it was wonderful! I’ve written a post all about my trip and some of my favourite Oxford bookshops, so keep your eyes peeled for that soon!

Now, did you really go to Oxford if you didn’t come back with a huge bag of books?

Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon – This is a beast of a book, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll have time to read it this year! Even if I don’t it’s going to sit proudly on bookshelf!

A Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus is one of my favourite books of all time, so I’ve got high expectations!

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by V.E.Schwab – You may be thinking, Amy you have this book already, why do you need another copy? Well it’s because I only have the ebook and needed to get my hands on the American Hardback (the cover in my opinion is better)! Did this book cost me and arm and a leg? Yes! Was it worth it? 100% yes, it looks beautiful on my bookshelf! I’m halfway through this book and I’m loving everything about it, and if the universe would like to send me my own Henry then I’ll be forever grateful!

The Chief by Monica McCarty – Earlier this year myself and some friends from university discovered the wonderful world of romantic highlander novels and I’m OBSESSED! This now become a running joke within our friendship, so it wouldn’t be a birthday without one!

Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – I brought this book a couple of months ago when I visited the bookish town of Hay-on-Wye but I ended up giving it to someone as part of a gift, so I never got the opportunity to read it! Everyone keeps telling me how good this book is, so I definitely plan on putting it on my TBR for November!

Don’t Tell Alfred by Nancy Mitford – If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ll know that Nancy Mitford is a staple favourite of mine, and her ‘Pursuit of Love’ series is just wonderful. The series follows an upper-class English family and their relationships within society and until now I had no idea that this book existed! Set twenty years after the events of the second book, Don’t Tell Alfred follows Fanny as she navigates her own problems and the complex world of French politics. This book has shot straight to the top of my TBR and I’m so excited to dive back into the chaotically fabulous lives of these beloved characters.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Book Tag

It’s official I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte last week so when I saw that there was an inspired book tag, I couldn’t resist! Plus I’ve yet to do an Autumn inspired book tag, so enjoy! If you’ve done this tag, then please leave a link to your post in the comments as I always love reading other peoples answers.

Pumpkin Spice Latte – A Book Everyone Likes to Hate on But is Delicious

This one is for all of my OG YA books that we all loved once (and still love secretly), I’m talking about Divergent, City of Bones, Red Queen, The Selection ect! Having re-read some of these recently, they’re not as good as I remembered them to be but they still hold that special ‘first love’ spot in my heart with their cliche packed adventures and characters that just love to hate! They were the books that paved the way for the new stories we love today.

‘Fall is my favourite season’ – A Cliche you Can’t Get Enough of

Autumn has always been my favourite season, and I don’t care if that’s a cliche, I love all the big jumpers, changing leaves and those cosy evenings by the fire. Anyway, I’m a sucker for an enemies to lovers trope or any type of competition cliche, so if you’ve got any good recommendations then I’d love to know!

Sweater Weather to T-Shirt Weather – A Book You Thought was One Thing but was Completely Different by The End

I recently finished The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde, and I knew it was going to be a spooky read but I wasn’t expecting it to be so insightful and thought-provoking. Dorian is such a wonderfully complex and beautifully broken character who endures a personal journey of introspection, corruption and a is character who in turn forces the reader to contemplate their own morality and the depths of the human soul. The Picture of Dorian Grey is a quotable masterpiece and I can’t recommend it enough.

‘Spoops’ – Do You Have a Spooky Book on Your TBR?

Yes, The Chalkman by C.J. Tudor! I picked up a signed ARC of this book when I was doing my work experience at Penguin Publishing and it has been sitting all forgotten on my shelf ever since. This year I wanted to make a conscious effort to read more spooky reads in the lead up to Halloween so I’ll definitely be reading this one soon.

Tarot Reading – A Five Star Prediction

I’m sorry if I keep going on about this book it’s just that I’m so excited that I managed to get my hands on it from NetGalley! I can say with 100% certainty that The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab will be a 5-star read and I might even be bold in saying that it will be featured on my yearly favourites post! I’m only 50 pages in and I’m already in love, the characters, the writing style, the storyline, its all perfect!

Sephora Sage + Crystal Set – A Book that Missed the Mark by a Landslide

The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green. It might just be an age thing but this book seriously missed the mark for me. It was marketed as a ‘Six of Crows’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’ and that couldn’t be more misleading! I found the characters bland and boring and the storyline unexciting and disappointing. It sounds harsh, but I went into this book with great expectations and finished it very much underwhelmed.

Reading Like Rory Gilmore For A Week | Weekly Read-a-thon Wrap Up

This week I channelled my inner Rory Gilmore and spent my week checking a few more books off the infinite Rory Gilmore Reading List! I managed to read 4/5 books off my TBR as well as a few poems from various poetry collections, which considering my recent reading performance is pretty damn good! I would have read Tender is the Night but as you’ve probably already seen, I received Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab on NetGalley and dropped everything!

This week has encouraged me to include more classics and modern fiction into my TBR, as you never know when you’ll find one of your next favourite reads. It’s also shown me that I have a borderline caffeine addiction and that its always nice to get dressed up and have a family dinner once in a while.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this read-a-thon and I’ve already started planning more ‘character’ inspired read-a-thons for the rest of the year! If like me, are obsessed with Gilmore Girls then I recommend you give this reading challenge a go, even if it’s just for 24 hours!

Grimms’ Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm – I started off reading Rapunzel as I was curious to explore the original storyline behind one of my favourite Disney films and then I couldn’t stop reading! There’s something beautifully macabre and dark about these stories that make them the perfect read for October.

The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde – Another unintentional spooky read that I absolutely loved, this is a true masterpiece that is filled with beautiful quotes that will stay with you long after finishing! I didn’t know what to expect going into this book, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and enjoyable it was to read, I certainly wasn’t expecting the intrusively personal thoughts it left me with. This book is fascinating, I can’t recommend it enough!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – Another easy and thought-provoking read that I enjoyed. For me, this didn’t live up to expectations and I hate to say it but I think I prefer the film adaptation to the book, nevertheless it was good to finally tick it off my forgotten TBR.

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes – I wished I picked some ‘less intense’ reads for this week! A lot of you warned me that I was going to cry, so I was prepared with tissues. The unique writing style was something that I instantly clicked with and was element that helped highlight Charlies heartbreakingly intense character development.

My Recent Net Galley Approvals – Oct 2020

This week I’ve been having a much-needed sort out of my blog and all of my other bookish accounts, including my long forgotten Net Galley account! I’ve finally caught up on all of my reviews and decided to request a few new releases, most of which were approved! This little ebook haul has definitely reignited that urge to read more so much so that I’ve already got a plan of which books I want to read next!

For those who don’t know Net Galley is a service that enables publishers and authors to upload books to its website prior to publication and allows “professional readers,” such as reviewers, to request copies. It’s a great platform which helps readers like you and me discover new authors, genres and adventures. It’s not guaranteed that your request will be approved but if you maintain a good and prompt feedback score then odds will be more in your favour!

Net Galley is one of my favourites and is such a wonderful platform for book bloggers and reviewers, so my aim for next year is to review one book a month from Net Galley rather than requesting lots of books and being overwhelmed by looming deadlines and reviews! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little ebook haul!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E.Schwab

This is one of my most anticipated autumn releases for this year and I actually squealed when I saw the approval email in my inbox! Schwab is one of my favourite authors, her writing is wonderfully magical and her ability to craft intricate and uniquely beautiful characters is breathtaking. If you haven’t read her Shades of Magic series then I highly recommend that it makes it way on to your TBR now, it’s such a fabulous read that takes place in a world crafted with the upmost perfection and thought.

Blood Metal Bone by Lindsay Cummings

I stumbled across Lindsay’s new book announcement video a couple of weeks ago, so when I found this on Net Galley it was an instant request. Years ago I remember reading her Murder Complex series and really enjoying her writing style so I’m looking forward to reading another one of adventures. The synopsis for this book sounds intense so I’m eager to discover more about the mysterious Sonara and the world Lindsay has created!

The Witchling’s Girl by Helena Coggan

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, so this was another read that I had to request instantly! This year I want to make a conscious effort to read more spooky and witchy books in the lead up to Halloween, so this one will 100% be on my TBR for October. I keep re-reading the synopsis for this book and I’m obsessed, everything about it sounds so mysterious. There are so many book that I want to read, I’m struggling to decide which one to read first!

Secrets of the Starcrossed: The Once and Future Queen by Clara O’Connor

This is being marketed as a Panem meets Grishaverse, and I’m instantly sold! This has got all the classic tropes of any YA trilogy; star-crossed lovers, a rebellion and of course a little bit of magic and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued.

In a world where the Roman Empire never fell, two star-crossed lovers fight to ignite the spark of rebellion.

The Cup and The Prince by Day Leitao

I was initially drawn to the book because of its cover but then I read the synopsis and I’m OBSESSED! The story follows Zora who steals the ex-boyfriends place in the legendary Blood Cup, to prove her worth and that she’s more than just a pretty face. I’m a sucker for any form of ‘fantasy games/competitions’ so I know that I’m going to love this, plus this book is guaranteed to have lots of action packed fight scenes and intense romance!

7 Reasons to Watch Schitt’s Creek

It’s about time I jumped on the bandwagon and dived head first into this absolute gem of a series. This charming and light-hearted comedy is the perfect binge-worthy show and one which has kept me company for my two weeks in self-isolation. Schitt’s Creek follows the Roses and their fall from grace after going bankrupt, their only remaining asset, a small dysfunctional town called Schitt’s Creek. If you’ve yet to watch this series then here’s a list of seven reason why this show should be next on your watch list!

It’s an Emmy Winning Show

This show won big at this years Emmys, sweeping up a HUGE 9 awards, so you know that it’s not just me who thinks this show is brilliant. The show was released all the way back in 2015, and flew under the radar until the release of it’s second series, which saw the Roses become more accustomed to living in one of America’s forgotten towns. Since then the show has gone from strength to strength as we witness these characters blossom and develop new qualities that now define them.

Family Dynamics

The dysfunctional love and unconventional communication shared between the Roses makes any family look normal but it is these unique family dynamics that make this family so wonderful. From the shouting matches between motel walls to the simple instructions of how to ‘fold’ cheese into a recipe, these are the moments that make this show such a cult comedy classic that anyone can enjoy.

Moria’s Wigs and Wardrobe

One of my new goals in life is to be as fabulous as Moria. Her almost avant-garde and striking style juxtaposes the simple and dated style of Schitt’s Creek and I always look forward to see what she pulls out of her wardrobe next. I also love the fact that each one of her wigs is named and that they all have their own individual personality, its fair to stay she has a stronger relation with her wigs than she does with her kids! Despite that she is still one of the most fabulous characters since Carrie Bradshaw!

Ultimate Binge Watch

Each episode is only 20 mins long, which is ideal for causal viewing or that cheeky episode now and then! But pace yourself or you’ll do what I did and watch it all in two weeks. There’s a laidback ease and effortless comedic value to this show that makes it such a fun show to binge, so if you’re looking for your next watch then definitely give this one a chance.

The Father-Son Duo

Eugene and Daniel Levy are the masterminds behind this show, their creativity and comedic brilliance makes this riches-to-rags storyline such a success. There’s always that apprehension when working with family but this show proves that two heads are better than one and the brilliance behind these two creative minds.

The Friendships

Stevie and David’s friendship is one of my favourite elements of this show, they’re two people who on paper shouldn’t click but they share an unbreakable emotional connection like no other. From the moment David was forced to live in Schitt’s Creek he’s found a kindred spirit in Stevie, as they share a sense of humour and general dislike of other people. Their no judgement and honest friendship lead to comedic gems and a chemistry that is so enjoyable to watch. Also Stevie’s eye-rolls are literally everything.

The Relationships

The constant bickering and back and forth banter between siblings Alexis and David, is one of the things that make this show relatable. I’ll never be able to say the name ‘David’ in the same way ever again. But despite this, the show does a fantastic job at weaving emotion into heartwarming scenes and moments that highlight the unbreakable bond the family share.

I don’t want to spoil anything but this show exceeds when it comes to romantic relationships. David’s sexuality is totally normalised when its announced that he is pansexual, no one bats an eyelid which is so refreshing. All the way back in season one there is a wonderful analogy about ‘wine’ preferences that is in equal parts comedic and natural, its genius.

Reading Like Rory Gilmore For A Week |Weekly Read-a-thon TBR

The other day I stumbled across a video by Ciara Foster, in which she read like Rory Gilmore for the day. I thought it was such a unique and fun idea that I had to try it myself, I’ll be sure to leave a link to her video here! The aim is essentially to live your life like Rory for a period of time, by channelling your inner book-lover and coffee addict. After the success of my other Gilmore Girls posts, its clear that I’m not alone in my love for the show, so I challenge you to give this read-a-thon a go and be sure to let me know how it went in the comments below!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve only read 23 books out of the 339 mentioned in Gilmore Girls, so it was pretty easy to find a range of books to suit my reading mood. My TBR for this week is pretty ambitious but I wouldn’t be do Rory any justice if I didn’t challenge myself or spend every living-breathing moment reading. I’ve already stocked up on lots coffee and I’ve even got a list of classic films for my own Gilmore inspired film night, as well as making sure everyone is free for a family dinner on Friday night!

Anyway, wish me luck and stay tuned for part 2 soon!


Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

I feel like this book should be on your list of books to read in your lifetime so what better time to read it than now? I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, and I’ve already got the tissues at the ready as I’m 100% sure that this book is going to leave me an emotional wreck.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I was meant to read this book years and years ago, but as expected I got distracted and never picked it up. Well, now things are about to change, and I think it’ll be really interesting to see what my reading experience will be like now after my own experiences with mental health.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

My obsession with Ben Barnes is getting out of hand and I’ve decided to finally read this classic before I watch the film adaptation. I really enjoyed studying Wilde at university and can’t believe that its taken this long for me to pick this one up!

Rapunzel by Grimm Brothers

I know this will be nothing like the Disney version, but Tangled is one of my all-time favourite films and I wanted to choose something short and easy to read.

Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Another classic that I’ve yet to read, and it wouldn’t be doing myself or Rory any justice if I didn’t include a little bit of Fitzgerald. Tender is the Night include everything I love about Fitzgeralds writing as he explore the romantic concept of character in this lyrical and expansive masterpiece.

September Wrap Up and October TBR

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things with my reading motivation, and that’s all thanks to my two weeks isolation from work. For these past two weeks, I’ve honestly felt like Rapunzel in Tangled, and I’ve never related more to a song than to ‘When Will my Life Begin’! But on a positive note, these two week at home have allowed me to slowly catch up on my reading and plan lots of fun blog posts for October, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

I honestly don’t know why I make TBR list’s anymore, I don’t think I ever stick to them and then I end up disappointed and frustrated with my reading habits. So this month I’ve decided not to make myself TBR list but instead set myself a list of challenges, like a read-a-thon, to complete.

Also I’m almost at 600 follows, which is MAD, so if you’re new here and like what you see, then I’d really appreciate it if you gave me a follow!

September Wrap Up

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

I started this book in August and I finally finished it this month! The time taken to read this book has nothing to do with the book itself but my inability to find any reading motivation. Despite me taking a month to read this book, I loved it and found it the perfect conclusion to a masterfully artistic series that’s bursting with wonder and magic, and if you haven’t read it yet, then I highly recommend you do! I’ll leave a link to my series review here!

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

This was our book of the month for September and it’s probably one of my favourites of the entire year. Maya Angelou is a wonder of words and manages to craft a personal story of her early years with such grace and harsh beauty that leaves audiences in awe. I didn’t know what to expect going into this book but it definitely surpassed all of my expectations and is a book that will stay with me for years to come.

Where I was From by Joan Didion

Another writer that I just admire with endless adoration and who’s books hold a special place in my heart. Despite being worlds away, there’s a sense of truth and relatability to Didion’s words that resonate with me.

October Challenges

It’s Spooky Season: Read something spooky/mysterious

Back to School: Read a Classic

Forgotten Reads: Read a book that’s been on your bookshelf for over a year

Autumn Leaves: Read a book with Orange on the cover

Trick or Treat: Choose two books and then either toss a coin or get someone else to choose your next read for you.

The Liebster Award #4

I haven’t done the Liebster Award in years! I still get so excited when I’m tagged! I want to say a HUGE thank you to Lisa Books, Gems and Tarot for nominating me and for sending some great questions to answer! Make sure you check out Lisa’s blog, she’s so lovey and is always posting fabulous content!

The rules are simple, answer all the questions created by the person who nominated you and then its your turn to nominate other bloggers to answer your own questions!

Favourite fictional couple?

My mind went straight to Feyre and Rhys from ACOMAF, and even though they are one of my ultimate fictional couples, I wanted to choose someone different. Other couples I love are Jude and Cardan from The Cruel Prince, Rhy and Alucard from a Gathering of Shadows and finally Vin and Elend from Mistborn. I’m also a sucker for an enemies to lovers trope so please let me know of any good books that I need to read in the comments below.

Favourite place to read?

My new book nook! At the beginning of summer I made the momentous journey to Ikea to finally buy myself a BILLY bookshelf, and honestly it has been the highlight of my year! I’ve spent ages sorting everything out and I’ve managed to create this lovely little reading corner in my bedroom, which is now where I spent most of my time!

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Budapest, Prague and the Scottish Highlands are currently on the top of my bucket list.

Best childhood memory?

Growing up I used to be obsessed with fairies. My mum would plan little fairy treasure hunts around the woods near our house, and no matter the weather, we would look for fairies and build little fairy houses for them, it was adorable. Looking back at all the magical fun I had fills me with so much joy and it’s definitely something I want to do for my future children.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I think about this question wayyyyyy to much! And I think I’ve decided that I’d love to have the power to control the elements, the possibilities would be endless! I’d be able to keep all my plants alive, stop my hair from getting wet in the rain and light all my candles from the comfort of my sofa!

Last book you read?

I mentioned in my August Wrap up post that my reading has been terrible recently, so the last book I read was The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater and that was weeks ago! Stay tuned for a series review soon!

Most anticipated book?

It’s got to be A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas! They released the cover the other day and I’m so annoyed that they’ve changed the design! I’m not a massive fan of the new covers so I don’t really want to buy the whole series again just so that it looks nice on my bookshelves. I’ve never defaced a book cover before but I’m seriously considering whether or not to put my own creative spin on things…

Would you go into space if you had the chance?

YES! I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do a lifetime trip to Mars but I’d happily go a visit the moon! Everything about the universe fascinates me, there’s so much we don’t know and so much to explore!

Fantasy or sci-fi?

Please don’t make me choose! If I had to choose then I’d probably pick fantasy books and sci-fi films.

Whose blog should I follow?

Sofii @A Book. A Thought. She is always so positive and one of my favourite bloggers! She never fails to make the blogging community such a wonderful place and I love reading her posts!

Sand or snow?

Snow 100%! One of the things I hate most in the world is when sand manages to sneak into every part of your body and belongings after a trip to the beach! I’d much rather go sledding or for a cosy walk in the snow.

My Questions

  1. In a movie of your life, who would play you?
  2. What’s your least favourite bookish trope?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. Name three things that make you happy?
  5. What book character would you like to hang out with if you were having a bad day?
  6. Favourite Season?
  7. Which animal do you think would be your daemon (His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman)?
  8. Favourite quote?
  9. What is your top tip to beat a reading slump?
  10. Best book you’ve read, so far, this year?
  11. What are you watching on Netflix or on TV right now?

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Sofii @A Book. A Thought.

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And anyone else who fancies answering my questions!

The Raven Boys Series by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven Boys (Book #1)

I went into this book with high expectations and believe me I wasn’t disappointed. Stiefvater has created a unique and quirky band of characters that you can’t help but love as we join them on their journey of discovery and adventure. This book encapsulates everything wonderfully classic about treasure hunting adventures, and provides us with an intricate and imaginative storyline that focusing on the mystery behind ley lines and Welsh folk lore. What really makes this book special is it’s characters, they’re unique individuals that, despite their differences, compliment each other perfectly. Each of them had their own personality and realness to them; they’re all also a little weird and I love it!

The Dream Thieves (Book #2)

It breaks my heart to say this, but this was my biggest disappointment of the year, I knew it was going to be difficult for this book to top its predecessor but I just felt like something vital was missing. I felt like we were missing the camaraderie and brotherhood of the first book, I understand that it’s good for each characters to have their own time and storyline but it just felt a little empty. Despite this Ronan is one of my favourite characters, and it was heartbreaking to discover more about him and the nightmares that torment him.

The last 50 pages were intense! Everything seemed to happen and then it just ended? Thank goodness I had the next book at arms length, as I don’t think I could have patiently waited for its release.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (Book #3)

I was so happy when I finished this book, because I loved it. I was so worried that I wasn’t going to love it after the second book but so much happened in this book that I loved. We’re one step closer to discovering Glendower, and believe me when I say that this journey is nothing short of eventful. I’m finally clicking with the writing style and I’m starting to appreciate how beautiful and dimensional Stiefvater’s style is, there’s just something about it that pulls you further into the page.

She is also teasing us with all these relationships and I can’t take it. I’m not just talking about Blue and Gansey but Ronan and Adam! They’re completely different yet compliment each other beautifully, all the little things that happen between them are just adorable and I need more. These characters have been through so much together, their interactions always bring a smile to my face and I love exploring more about each character, they’re all so well thought-out and real. I just pray that they all end up okay, I don’t think I can deal with anymore deaths.

The Raven King (Book #4)

Depending on where you began the story, it is about friendship. This series was never about Glendower but the unbreakable bond of our beloved characters as they try to save each other from the darkness.

Stiefvater’s writing style is magically unique and has the power to create peacefully unnerving and impressionistic scenes that are equally beautiful and haunting. The complexity of her storylines and the way in which her characters intertwine with each other, adds another layer of intimate adoration for this series, that left me wishing for more. For me Ronan was the standout character in this series, his character development and interactions are among some of my favourites and I’m happy that he got the happy ending he deserved. This was a perfectly fitting conclusion to a masterfully artistic series that’s bursting with wonder and magic, and if you haven’t read it yet, then I highly recommend you do!