My September TBR 2018


It’s not long now till I head back up to Chester to start my third and final year of university! It’s scary how fast these past two years have gone and it’s even scarier looking at my workload for my final year. So this means that I sadly won’t have much time to read books that I want to read as I’ll be too busy reading set texts and books for my dissertation. I still have about a month before I go back so it’s time for some serious reading and I’m even considering of doing a 24-hour read-a-thon! There are so many books that I still want to read but I’m going to have to limit myself and set a realistic target, so here are the books I want to read before I got back to university!

Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir – I read the first book in this series when I was on holiday (expect a review soon) and I fell utterly in love with it, so naturally, I had to jump on Amazon and order the next book. The first book left us on such a cliff-hanger and the storyline for the next book is right up my street. If I’m going to read anything before I go back then its definitely this book and I can’t recommend it enough!

They Both Die in the End by Adam Silvera – I’ve started reading this book but it’s one of those books which I can only read at certain times as its main focus is on death and how short life really is, a topic which I’ve always struggled to digest. I wasn’t expecting this book to hit me this hard and I’m finding it difficult to find the motivation to carry on reading it, but I’m so intrigued by this storyline that I need to finish it. This is my first Adam Silvera book and from just 100 pages I’m really enjoying his emotional and meaningful writing style.

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody – I read Foody’s Daughter on the Burning City and absolutely loved all her characters and the magical world and storyline she had created so when I heard she’d released a new book I was eager to give it a read. To make things worse my sister is currently reading it and keeps teasing me about the plot by having mini-freakouts!

Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch – Another author whose first book I’ve read and loved. My aim is to finish this series by the end of the year and although I can’t remember much about the plot I do remember enjoying it. Sara Raasch has also released a new book called These Rebel Waves which I’m buzzing for and is something right up my street so as soon as I finish this series I’m going to move on to her new one.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman – I’ve only heard good things about this series and I hope that this book gets me out of my current reading slump! If you’ve read this book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it so please leave a comment below.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Film Review


This film was everything and more! I’m a huge fan of the books so I was very excited and apprehensive about the film as I have been let down before with film adaptations but after seeing the trailer I knew we were in for something special. Like the books, the film was heart-warming, funny and a wonderful representation of love and romance.

Casting recently for YA adaptations have been on point, but this has to be my favorite so far. The chemistry between Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Cons) was something straight off the page and it was lovely to see them both eventually fall for each other. Their scenes in the cafe were among some of my favourites as they both bounced off each other perfectly and had me smiling for ear to ear. Another thing I loved was their connection on an emotional level when they had deep and meaningful conversations about their parents and own struggles, it added another layer to their blossoming romance.

Although the film mainly focused on the romance between Lara Jean and Peter, we were still treated to some lovely scenes between the Song sisters, my particular favourites being those between Lara Jean and Kitty! I spent the entire film smiling, as everything was just wonderful. There’s just something special about seeing one of your favourite fictional characters finally come to life and being able to see their story on the screen in front of you.

Jenny Han’s cameo was a nice little extra as well as all the little bits from the books that I’m sure fans will really appreciate. I’m not even sour that they didn’t include the Halloween scene in the film as everything else was perfect, so thank you Netflix and Awesomeness TV for doing YA adaptation right!

I can’t praise this film enough as it was wonderful, it has already earned a place on my list of favourite romance films! After watching it, I jumped onto Twitter and it was lovely seeing so many other people loving this film as much as me, so fingers crossed that thanks to such a great response they’ll make a sequel. If you want more of Lara Jean and Peter then I highly recommend that you read the books, and I’ll leave my review to the first book here!

My Fictional Bridal Party


I swear this tag was made for me, so thank you so much to Natasha over at Tashapolis on YouTube for this wonderful book tag! I’m a huge fan of weddings and I’ve been planning my own since I was about 13 years old, my Pinterest board is looking a bit overwhelming. The aim of this tag is to choose a selection of fictional characters to be apart of your bridal party which just sounds like so much fun! I wanted to choose some different characters rather than typical picks to make this a bit more interesting, so I hope you enjoy. If you’ve done this tag then please leave a link in the comments as I’d love to read your answers!

Mor from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas (Bridesmaid) – All the characters in these books are some of my favourites and I need them all at my wedding! I picked Mor as not only will she be super organised thanks to her experience in running both the Court of Nightmare and Dreams but she also has great fashion sense. She’d make sure that I’d look nothing short of fabulous!

Charlie Grant from Save the Date by Morgan Matson (Bridesmaid) – She’s got the experience that’s for sure, and know’s how to handle wedding day disasters! Like me, she’s a big fan of weddings and family gathering and I think we’d get along like a house on fire.

Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (Bridesmaid) – At first I chose Elizabeth Bennett but I changed my mind and went for Jane instead as I thought she’d have more knowledge and advice with her being the older sister. She’s had her own traditional romance with Mr Bingley and I’m sure would help me achieve the perfect wedding.

Vin from Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (Bridesmaid) – I know this is an odd one but Vin is one of my new favourite characters and I couldn’t leave her out! She’s a big fan of getting all dressed up and going out to balls so I think she’d be up for being a bridesmaid. Plus I think she needs a chance to let her hair down after everything she’s been through in the first book of the series and I’d love to see more of her and Elend!

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter by J.K Rowling (Maid of Honour) – It feels only right that Hermoine is my maid of honour as she’s been a character I’ve loved and looked up to since I was a child. She’s super organised and could use some of her magic to create the most perfect wedding.

Writing Bad Reviews – The Smoke Thieves and All of This is True

Let’s start this off by saying that I hate writing bad reviews because I feel like a terrible person and I know how much hard work goes into writing and publishing a book. I never intend to be cruel or mean, I just want to give my honest opinion and in life, you’re not going to like everything you read and watch. I always, however, will try to look for the positives in what I’ve read, even if its the worst book in the world. I like to soften my negative opinions with a couple of positives ones, so I don’t put people off the book entirely and it makes me feel less of a terrible person.

I recently read The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green and All of This is True by Lygia Day Penaflor and I wasn’t a fan of either of them, so rather than write two long negative reviews I thought I’d post them together!

The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

Like many, I was so disappointed by this book especially after hearing that it was being sold as a Game of Thrones for younger readers. I’m always a fan of multiple POV when they are executed well but in Green’s case the storyline wasn’t strong enough and the constant switching meant that it was difficult to connect with any of the characters. It sounds horrible but I just found this book very boring and dull. However, this plot and these characters have potential to be something great and I think that it is a perfect book for younger readers.

All of This is True by Lygia Day Penaflor

The premise of this book sounded so unique and exciting but sadly this book failed to deliver and I’m gutted. The characters were bland and in a story heavily based on emotion, there was none. I didn’t feel anything for them. However despite this, I couldn’t put it down, I just needed to know what happened. In all, this storyline had so much potential and for me, it just misses the mark.

The Darkest Minds – Spoiler Free Film Review


There’s always a worry when one of your favourite YA book series gets turned into a film, and understandably as you care for these characters and their story. So, when I saw the casting for this film I was relieved and had seriously high hopes as everything was perfect, it felt like these characters had literally just been plucked from the page. However, I’m sad to admit I was a little disappointed and feel like this film hasn’t lived up to its full potential.

I can’t praise the casting enough and I felt like they all captured the characters perfectly, especially Skylan Brooks as Chubs! He was just so funny and made those occasional dull scenes so much better. But what I really wanted was more from the characters and more genuine interactions. Everything felt a bit rushed, including Ruby’s and Liam’s relationship which just made it less believable and nothing like it was in the books. Despite this, they were very cute together and I can’t wait to see more of them!

I think my biggest problem with this film was the script as I don’t think the cast was given the goods to work with in order to make this a successful film, which surprises me as it’s from the producers of Stranger Things and Arrival, two incredible pieces of work. It was great however to see key scenes from the book reflected onto the screen some of which felt like they’d also been pulled straight off the page.

If you’re a fan of the books then I recommend you go and see it, as like me I’m sure you’ll love seeing elements of the books and the characters being brought to life. It’s not the best YA film adaptation but it certainly is an enjoyable one and has a pretty good soundtrack to go with it! I’d love to know what you thought about the film so please leave us a comment below.

7 Reasons to Watch The Bold Type


A friend at University recommended this show to me and I am now in love! The Bold Type is easily one of my all-time favourite TV shows because its everything that I aspire to be and I’d give my left arm to be one of these characters! The show centers around three best friends working at the high-end magazine ‘Scarlet’ and is inspired by the life of “Cosmopolitan” editor in chief, Joanna Coles. The show provides us with a glimpse into the outrageous lives and loves of those responsible for a global women’s magazine and their struggles are about finding your identity, managing friendships and getting your heart broken, all while wearing the perfect jeans to flatter any body type. Anyway, if you’re looking for a new TV show to binge then I can’t recommend this one enough, its funny, heartwarming and full of badass women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds!

  1. Characters – These girls are everything and I’m utterly in love with their relationship with each other and their lives in general because they are living the dream. You’ve got Sutton, the fashion conscious assistant who is working her ass off to make it in the very competitive world of fashion. Then there’s Kat the social media head, who we accompany, on her journey of sexual discovery. And finally, we have my favourite Jane, an aspiring and hardworking journalist who we see grow throughout the show!
  2. Storylines – This show tackles so many prominent and different issues that society is facing today including racism and sexual harassment and they deal with them in an inspiring and confident way which I really enjoyed. The season 1 finale is particularly touching and emotional.
  3. Fashion – The perks of working at a women’s magazine are all the incredible fashion pieces and I am just in love with all the outfits in this show! They’re bold and beautiful and have even inspired me to spice up my wardrobe and add some pieces I would never have thought of trying!
  4. Romance – This show openly explores sex and different relationships which again is really refreshing and even relatable which you don’t usually find with TV Shows. There are heterosexual and homosexual relationships and both get equal screen time and are both equally as romantic and cute!
  5. Friendship – As I’ve already mentioned there are lots of relationships in this show but most importantly is the relationship and friendship between the three girls.  They are always there to support each other truly are the perfect group of girlfriends!
  6. Humour – These ladies provide the perfect comic relief and manage to get themselves in some unexpected and always hilarious situations that will easily put a smile on your face!
  7. Girl Power! – I’m going to use this point not to talk about the three main ladies but some of the equally powerful and inspiring side characters. Jacqueline the editor of Scarlet is one of my favourites in the show, she challenges the male-dominated board and strives to make her magazine an empowering and open feature. Then there’s Adena, a unique and powerful Muslim photographer whose work is so clever and beautiful! This show is full of powerful women who are making their mark on the world and it really is inspiring.

My Reading Playlist


Along with reading, listening to music is one of my favourite past times and I always need something to fill the silence, even when reading. I know many people hate listening to music when reading as its a distraction but for me, it helps enhance my imagination and helps turn the scenes into mini-movies in my head. My choice of music ranges across all genres one minute I could be listening to electronic dance music and the next the Narnia soundtrack that’s what makes my reading playlist so unexpected and diverse. Anyway, I thought I’d share my playlist with all of you in the hope that it will encourage you to add some of my favourites to your own and for me to discover new songs from your recommendations!

  1. Movie Soundtracks – The perfect thing about film scores is that they don’t have song lyrics so you won’t get caught up singing along and plus they are perfect for any scene! Scores I recommend are the Narina, Avatar and the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack or anything by Hanz Zimmer because he is a musical god!
  2. Coldplay – One of my favourite bands of all time and they have such a range of music in all their albums. I remember listening to their Ghost Stories album when I read Throne of Glass, and every time I hear ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ I think of Celaena and her adventures.
  3. George Ezra – Something a bit more peaceful and chilled than the others for more relaxed reading, you can never go wrong with a bit of George.
  4. Taylor Swift – Like Coldplay, Taylor has so many different styles. You’ve got old country Taylor, then pop Taylor and now badass no-shit Taylor so there is a perfect song for every scene and book! I can’t promise that there won’t be any singing or dancing though.
  5. Avicci – His music is perfect for that kick-ass fight scene or any high pace adventure.
  6. Sigrid – One of my new favourites who I’ve just discovered and her music is just so fun and upbeat! I can just picture myself reading a cute contemporary whilst listening to her album!