About Us

We are just two girls who love to read and wanted to share our thoughts with the world. We started this blog on 26th July 2014 and it has been the best decision we have made as we have been able to express our opinions and meet load of lovely readers and other bloggers. We write book reviews for mostly Young Adult books and a few classics here and there as well as participating in many tags and sharing our opinions on casting announcements!!

Blog Mission Statement

This blog is for those who love to read and share the same love for books as we do. Our purpose here is to critically review books with the aim of providing fair and balanced review. I hope that the reviews here will help to steer those of you who are looking to find that ‘perfect’ read! We blog for fun and this blog will always be a personal place for us to share our love for books as well as interacting with other bloggers and readers in this community! Each week we hope to post a new review, rating each book out of five stars. Readers are welcome to leave comments of their own in response to these reviews.

Contact Us

Email: afangirlsopinionblog@gmail.com

Twitter: @AFangirlOpinion

Goodreads: Amy Whittaker

Goodreads: Eleanor Carter


60 thoughts on “About Us

  1. J'Rie Elliott says:

    Book for review consideration… If you would be interested in receiving a copy please contact me back. dixiepoet@gmail.com ~ J

    Linda Baron-Katz – Surviving Mental Illness: My Story. From the author of the children’s book Peter and Lisa. The memoir of the author’s experience as an Orthodox Jew in Manhattan, struggling through school, dating relationships, work and family life and then finally getting diagnosed with bipolar syndrome. A literary piece about being the ‘other’ on at least two levels in American society. The author is a good speaker and can discuss the power of literature and communication to encourage empathy and bridge social divides.

    J. Elliott

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