Spy – Film Review

Why not spend one of the only beautiful weekends in the cinema? Probably not my best idea… However I did thoroughly enjoy this film.
For those who don’t know this film is basically a mick take of James Bond, it’s a comedy about the CIA in America, whose awful spies accidently let an atomic bomb into the wrong persons’ hands… The majority of the story follows Susan Cooper who decides to go undercover to avenge a colleague and find out more information about this missing bomb. I should probably specify that Susan Cooper is not a field agent so she doesn’t really know what she’s doing…

This film was very funny, don’t get me wrong I was laughing a lot, but I wasn’t properly belly laughing. It was more of a giggle than laughing when you can’t breathe… I think the majority of the film was funny because of the cast. Susan Cooper is played by Melisa McCarthy who is just a comedy genius, I think a lot of the one off lines in this film were adlibbed, and they’re what really made this film in my opinion. Susan’s best friend, Nancy, is played by the WONDERFUL Miranda Hart, who I absolutely adore! I have to admit that Melisa and Miranda really worked well together and their partnership was just gold! Also this was Miranda’s Hollywood debut, and what a performance! Well done Miranda! There are also lots of other famous faces in this film such as Jude Law (Who we nearly bumped into at the Hay Festival…) and was sporting an interesting American accent… and Rose Byrne. Overall the acting was fab!

Although I thought the story was a little bit unoriginal, the main plot is quite a simple, an average spy movie. This might have been done on purpose, for comedic effect? I’m not sure but it was a little predictable and quite a mundane plot. However, there were some things that took me by surprise and that I really didn’t expect. I don’t want to give it away in case you go and see the film but there were a few surprises thrown in there…

I really did like this film, it just wasn’t my favourite, because of that I’m going to award this a 3 out of 5 stars, it was good but it wasn’t great. Although this is just my opinion, you may see it and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread!
If you want to have a look at this film then I shall leave a link to the trailer HERE


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