Pitch Perfect 2 – Film Review

Pitch Perfect 2, a film we have been all looking forward to for a long time, thanks to the success and love of the first. Again, this film was great fun and certainly made me laugh a lot! Was it as good as the first? In my opinion, no but it was still a film i highly enjoyed.

Pitch Perfect 2 is a continuation of the first film as the Bella’s compete in the World Championships to help reinstate themselves after an incident when performing for the President of the United States on his birthday! Thanks Fat Amy!! Here we see the Bella’s once again working together to try and win the competition and most importantly beat the current World Champions, DSM (Germany).

Once again Pitch Perfect 2 didn’t fail to make me laugh with their perfect one-liners and their characters. However sometimes jokes were missed but most of the time the jokes were landed and I found very amusing! However I have to admit I disliked the character of ‘Flo’ another new Bella, who came to America from Guatamala, apparently illegally given the deportation jokes! Every line from her mouth was a openly bigoted stereotype joke which just caused cheap laughs!

However Everyone needs a friend like Fat Amy!! She had a bigger role in this film which I was really happy about as she is the main character who makes us laugh!! It was also nice to be introduced to a load of new faces like the character of Emily played by Hailee Steinfeld which I thought was a fab addition as well as many old faces! However many of our most loved old faces like Jesse played by Skyler Astin had minor roles which I was disappointed with!

The film also had more romance in it which I thought was really cute and enjoyable! I wont give any relations away as I don’t want to spoil the film but I think fans of the film will be really pleased!

Most importantly the music I thought in this one was so much better than the first!! It was more upbeat and I enjoyed the mash-up of different recent and well know songs. The variety of groups involved was really nice and I thought it was great that artists like Pentatonix were involved!! The DSM (Das Sound Machine) were absolutely amazing, especially their first performance at the car show!! They were powerful and their performances were spotless!! I also loved the original song ‘Flashlight’ by Jessie J and is also performed by the Bella’s!! I now currently have on repeat!! It’s so catchy!!

Overall, I am happy to rate this film 4/5 stars, a perfect Friday night film which I guarantee will make you laugh!!


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