7 Reasons to Watch Schitt’s Creek

It’s about time I jumped on the bandwagon and dived head first into this absolute gem of a series. This charming and light-hearted comedy is the perfect binge-worthy show and one which has kept me company for my two weeks in self-isolation. Schitt’s Creek follows the Roses and their fall from grace after going bankrupt, their only remaining asset, a small dysfunctional town called Schitt’s Creek. If you’ve yet to watch this series then here’s a list of seven reason why this show should be next on your watch list!

It’s an Emmy Winning Show

This show won big at this years Emmys, sweeping up a HUGE 9 awards, so you know that it’s not just me who thinks this show is brilliant. The show was released all the way back in 2015, and flew under the radar until the release of it’s second series, which saw the Roses become more accustomed to living in one of America’s forgotten towns. Since then the show has gone from strength to strength as we witness these characters blossom and develop new qualities that now define them.

Family Dynamics

The dysfunctional love and unconventional communication shared between the Roses makes any family look normal but it is these unique family dynamics that make this family so wonderful. From the shouting matches between motel walls to the simple instructions of how to ‘fold’ cheese into a recipe, these are the moments that make this show such a cult comedy classic that anyone can enjoy.

Moria’s Wigs and Wardrobe

One of my new goals in life is to be as fabulous as Moria. Her almost avant-garde and striking style juxtaposes the simple and dated style of Schitt’s Creek and I always look forward to see what she pulls out of her wardrobe next. I also love the fact that each one of her wigs is named and that they all have their own individual personality, its fair to stay she has a stronger relation with her wigs than she does with her kids! Despite that she is still one of the most fabulous characters since Carrie Bradshaw!

Ultimate Binge Watch

Each episode is only 20 mins long, which is ideal for causal viewing or that cheeky episode now and then! But pace yourself or you’ll do what I did and watch it all in two weeks. There’s a laidback ease and effortless comedic value to this show that makes it such a fun show to binge, so if you’re looking for your next watch then definitely give this one a chance.

The Father-Son Duo

Eugene and Daniel Levy are the masterminds behind this show, their creativity and comedic brilliance makes this riches-to-rags storyline such a success. There’s always that apprehension when working with family but this show proves that two heads are better than one and the brilliance behind these two creative minds.

The Friendships

Stevie and David’s friendship is one of my favourite elements of this show, they’re two people who on paper shouldn’t click but they share an unbreakable emotional connection like no other. From the moment David was forced to live in Schitt’s Creek he’s found a kindred spirit in Stevie, as they share a sense of humour and general dislike of other people. Their no judgement and honest friendship lead to comedic gems and a chemistry that is so enjoyable to watch. Also Stevie’s eye-rolls are literally everything.

The Relationships

The constant bickering and back and forth banter between siblings Alexis and David, is one of the things that make this show relatable. I’ll never be able to say the name ‘David’ in the same way ever again. But despite this, the show does a fantastic job at weaving emotion into heartwarming scenes and moments that highlight the unbreakable bond the family share.

I don’t want to spoil anything but this show exceeds when it comes to romantic relationships. David’s sexuality is totally normalised when its announced that he is pansexual, no one bats an eyelid which is so refreshing. All the way back in season one there is a wonderful analogy about ‘wine’ preferences that is in equal parts comedic and natural, its genius.


4 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Watch Schitt’s Creek

  1. Same!!! I also love, adore, obsess, over this show! And I love finding others who have watched it, because they too love it. It’s such a great show!

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