Angelfall – Susan Ee

I wouldn’t have picked this book up if it wasn’t once again for ‘Booktube’ and I am really pleased that I did as I enjoyed this book very much but maybe not as much as others. I am a massive fan of dystopian and i thought this book worked really well and had everything a dystopian novel needed.

The story follows Petryn, a 17 year old trying to help her frayed family survive in a post-apocalyptic California. As you can probably tell from the title, Angelfall, this book is about angels. It’s a post-apocalyptic novel where angels have invaded Earth. When her younger sister is taken by angels, Petryn must team up with an unlikely companion Raffe, to not only rescue her sister but uncover the secrets the angels hide!

The world created, I thought worked well and was very realistic which i enjoyed.
There was so much action and creepiness as well as humour which made this book a perfect read. This also made this book such an easy read, and I managed to fly through it in two nights!!

Petryn the protagonist, in my eyes was a perfect strong female protagonist; she was determined, stubborn and a total badass which was fab!! I enjoyed getting to know her immensely. This book is a brilliant journey of great character and spirit. Raffe, her companion I loved as well. He was brilliant and someone who I really grew to like! He has a long and mysterious past, which I am yearning to find out more about, but he is also compassionate, loyal, caring, trustworthy, and sweet beyond measure.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the relationship and dialogue between Raffe and Petryn as it was sarcastic and witty which made it funny to read! I can’t wait to see more of their relationship in the next book! (Totally ship them both!!!)

Character the only character I didn’t like was Petryn’s mother as she was creepy as hell?!! Personally I don’t think she was needed but I can totally see why Susan would want to include her as she really intrigued me!

One of my only criticism was the ending! I had no idea what was going on and I got so confused! We still didn’t know anything about why the angels are on Earth? Or anything behind their plans which was a bit frustrating. Again, I don’t want to spoil it but what happened to Petryn’s sister I thought was very weird and scary; I didn’t like it!! Whatever happened to happy endings?

Overall I am happy to award this book with 4/5 stars as I thought the plot was brilliant and really creative! The characters were fab and I could easily connect with them! It was such an easy read so if you are in a reading slump, I certainly recommend it!!

I would also like to thank Net Gallery for sending me this book and I can’t wait to read the next one!!