7 Reasons to Watch Bridgerton

If you’re not one of the 63 million people who watched this series, then what have you been doing? This show is certainly worth all the hype and I’m not even embarrassed to admit that I’m currently on my third re-watch because I love this show so much! I think I’m only one re-watch away from going full ‘Bridgerton’ and adopting the Regency-era style and etiquette into my daily routine!

This post is dedicated entirely to my ramblings about how wonderful this show is in the hopes of encouraging others to dive into this romantic regency romp! Enjoy!


This show is so much more than a typical period drama, it’s scandalous, sexy and of course full of secrets. There’s always drama behind every corner and is filled with the lavish and glamorous lifestyle of high society, everything about it is beautiful!


These costumes are stunning and every characters wardrobe is filled with subtle aspects and details that match their personality and social status. The costume department has done an incredible job in creating a perfect balance of historically accurate shapes and bold modern style, sex appeal to match the scandalous subject matter. What I’d give to fill my wardrobe with some of these gowns!


If the storyline doesn’t impress you then the cast and characters will! The cast is so diverse and proves that diversity does work in period drama’s and I hope this paves the way for similar shows. I love these characters so much! And please don’t ask me to pick a favourite because I can’t, they’re all so different but interact effortlessly.

And then there’s the mysterious Lady Wistledown, who’s words can influence a characters place in society in a second. Just like Eloise, you’ll spend the entire series trying to figure out who this cryptic writer is but not to worry all will be revealed…


The shows main focus is the blossoming relationship between Daphne and Simon, but that’s not the only relationship we get to witness. The show also focuses on the importance of family, with the family dynamics between the Bridgerton’s is one of my favourite things to watch, there’s an always a witty comment to be made or a teasing remark at the ready.


The string quartet adaptation of some of pop’s biggest hits like Thank u, next by Ariana Grande, In My Blood by Shawn Mendes and Wildest Dreams by the queen Taylor Swift is pure brilliance and have been on repeat all week. Even writing this I’ve got the entire soundtrack playing in the background, and I’d give anything to be prancing around a ballroom in a stunning ballgown with my Prince Charming right now.

The Ultimate Binge Watch

As I’ve already mentioned I’m on my third re-watch of this show and I’m sure I’m not the only one who couldn’t resist a second or third viewing. This show is addictive, and after the events of episode one you won’t want to stop watching.

It’s A Book Series

If you loved the show then I highly recommend that you dive into the books because they are wonderfully witty and beautifully romantic reads and are even if I dare say so, better than the TV show! In total there are eight books, each book following a different Bridgerton child and their conquest in finding love and a suitable match. I’ve just finished book two and now I’m even more excited for season 2!