Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase – Jonathan Stroud

Admittedly this book did something I didn’t expect… It spooked me. Ignoring the Watersones shop assistant I read this book into the early hours in the morning, to make it even worse I was in a house I wasn’t familiar with whilst on holiday… Such a clever person I am. Now I find myself avoiding the upstairs bathroom at night and rapidly closing curtains before nightfall… and i’m not easily scared… *Cough* and I always watch scary movies *Cough* and that’s definitely the truth *Cough*… 

Anyhow this book follows the brave and courageous ghost hunting agency Lockwood & Co on their personal battles through the ghost riddled London. Their aim: Find the ghost and destroy the source whether that be something the ghost was overly attached to or their remains. This Clever and inventive story gripped me from the beginning and always left me wondering what was going to happen next which I always think is an attractive trait within a book.  

Yet another reason why I loved this book was that their problems weren’t all supernatural. It was refreshing as it highlighted issues of everyday life which, in my opinion, are very common however rare to find in a supernatural genre.

There is no doubt about it, the ending is by far the best bit about this book, it leads you on to believe false trails and everything finally makes sense. There are some fantastic plot twists (my favourite) along with a mystery and problem solving theme (very Sherlock Holmes). However, up until this point everything was up in the air and not  quite making sense, which I suppose was the authors intention but I couldn’t help but feel irritated by it in my attempt to unravel and connect the loose ends myself, but anyway I suppose the confusion was worth it for the asdfghjkl ending.

In all I very much recommend this book for anyone with a hunger for mystery or a craving for spine chilling moments. I’m awarding this book a 4 star rating * * * * and if your book shop assistant warns you a book is spooky I suggest you listen to them!