Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – Film Review

I know I am extremely late to the game on this one but trust me I meant to see this in the cinema AGES ago as I am a really big fan of the books, but I just never got around to it, so I was really pleased when I finally got to see it! I’m kind of used to the anticipation of watching a book to film adaptation that I wasn’t too nervous, this might have been because the first film was so good, but I have to admit that it was a good film but it was SO different to the book!!

For those who don’t know this film is based on the second book in The Maze Runner series of books. The first film, The Maze Runner was a huge success after first time director Wes Ball’s vision was displayed in an honest adaptation of the book, with stunning visual effects as well as kick ass performances from cast members such as Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ki Hong Lee, so of course there would be a sequel! The second film picks up right where the last left off, there is literally no time wasted which was good because you’re thrown right into the action but you are expected to know exactly what happens which can be difficult if you haven’t watched the first film in a while, you definitely couldn’t watch this if you haven’t seen the first film! This film continues the story of Thomas and his friends after they escape from the maze than the horrors they discover on outside.

This was a very intense, action packed and exciting film, there wasn’t a moment when there wasn’t some sort of danger that they had to escape from! It was very fast paced so the film went very quickly, I was engrossed from the beginning until the end! There were some brilliant aspects to this film, the visual effects were incredible, it was like a desolate/ desert New York, it was pretty much flawless! The acting was also awesome, Dylan O’Brien is just such an effortless actor it’s unreal, this film looked physically and emotionally demanding but was acted beautifully throughout. Another aspect I thought was done really well was the aesthetics of the cranks, in my head when I read the books I imagined the cranks as normal people on the outside but crazy within, but Wes Ball went full on zombie and I didn’t expect nor prepare for the cranks, it’s fair to say I was a little terrified! (but they were awesome!) The thing about this film was that it was VERY different from the book, I don’t think there was a single thing the same, this kind of irritated me because I love the book and think it would have made such a good film the way it was. But on the other hand it meant that I was surprised and was unaware of what was going to happen next which is always exciting.

Overall it was a packed, exciting film that had me fixed from beginning to end, I can’t wait for the third film… if there’s going to be a third film…? I’m going to give this a 4 out of 5 stars, almost a perfect but it strayed from the book a little too much for my liking.

The Scorch Trials – Trailer Reaction


I was so excited to watch this trailer! I purposefully scheduled a break into my revision so that I could watch it straight away! I was extremely interested in how they would create the world of the scorch on the screen.

For those who don’t know The Scorch Trials is the second installment of The Maze Runner which came out in September last year. This is a series of books so certainly read the books first (they’re bloody brilliant). Also if you haven’t seen the film or don’t know the story then perhaps don’t watch the trailer as it will spoil the first film (they don’t hold back in that respect…)

Now… what did I think of the trailer? WOW! The whole world of the Scorch that they have created looks visually stunning and basically exactly the same as how I imagined it in my head! The acting, once again, looks smashing (gotta love a bit of Dylan O’Brien!) The only thing that I’m not too sure about is that they seemed to have changed quite a bit about the actual storyline, I guess they did it in the story’s best interest, and perhaps it will be nice that it’s a stand-alone piece of art… Either way I am VERY excited to see this film!

Well they were my reactions, what were yours? Are you happy? Are you excited to see the film? Leave all opinions in the comments!

I will leave the link to the trailer HERE

And another little gem which is Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee, who play Thomas and Minho in the film, reacting to the trailer for the first time! That will be linked HERE

I happened to also write a book review for The Scorch Trials so I shall leave that HERE

The Death Cure – James Dashner

I always worry about the final book in a series. And as always it was bittersweet. I LOVED this series of books, I really did and I have to be honest the ending was… satisfactory. So this book is the final instalment of The Maze Runner series, I’m sure lots of you have heard of The Maze Runner, it was a massive book to movie adaptation that has recently blasted the Hollywood box office. Anyway there are three books in the whole series (plus a prequel but for that review my friends you will have to sit tight, it will be coming soon) and The Death Cure is the final book *cries*. If you want to check out some reviews for the first two books in the series I shall link them here (The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials).

So this book follows more of the exciting tails of Thomas and his friends after the maze and also their survival of the scorch trials.  By this stage they’re desperate to escape from WCKD (which I’ve been pronouncing ‘Wicked’ so I hope that’s right…) and this book really extenuates their trials and tribulations with doing this. I really don’t want to spoil anything so I will just say that there are some MASSIVE plot twists throughout the book, which I have becoming to expect from Dashner’s writing. Also there were some tragic secrets that were kept by WCKD that now get uncovered, just a disclaimer, it made me sob… a lot…

It was a really good story and I felt it continued well from the second book however there were some elements that I thought were a little unnecessary, this is my personal opinion and so you guys may completely disagree with me (and feel free) but I did feel as though there were bits that were just rather pointless. One of those bit’s I’m afraid to say was the ending. Errrg it really irritated me. This is just my personal opinion but it was just too simple. I wouldn’t say it was predictable because predictable implies that you knew what the ending was before you finish it (derrr) but it was so simple that I wasn’t expecting it from this story and especially not from Dashner’s writing. If I wasn’t already familiar with Dashner’s writing (as most are when reading the third and final book in a series) then I probably could have predicted it…I really hope that made sense and wasn’t as though my brain was sick all over the page, because that’s what it’s feeling like at the moment… so sorry if it was.

That was my main grievance of the book. I promise you that the rest of the book is fantastic! So if you’ve read the first two books, please to read the last one because it honestly ties a whole lot of loose ends and is rather essential in the entire story. I’m going to award this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I really did enjoy it (except the ending). Also if your new to the whole trilogy please, please have a look at the reviews of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, they’re linked right there and also at the top of this review. They’re all fantastic books.

The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

First and foremost I must apologize that we haven’t posted a review in a long time. Thanks to school, work has been piling up and we don’t have time to write reviews and most importantly read! Well, let’s get to it, ‘The Scorch Trials’! I loved the first book and the second book didn’t disappoint as it was just as good! It is full of action, adventure, and constant suspense! I couldn’t put it down!!

‘The Scorch Trials’ carries on from the first book as our group of protagonists continues their journey of unlocking the secrets of W.I.C.K.E.D as well as facing new fears. The Scorch is a hot deserted mess of deadly obstacles which is set up to test the survived Gladers. I can’t give too much away without revealing spoilers however I can assure you it is packed with action and adventure.

In the book, we meet a load of new characters which I think is great and each one of them is different. But of course, we can’t forget original graders who still play a large role in the book. I loved seeing our protagonists develop throughout the book as they faced different challenges however there are some characters I would just love to give a good smack to!!

This book had everything; a gripping storyline, lovable characters, and constant cliffhangers! There was never a dull moment and I am so glad that we found out more and more about W.I.C.K.E.D as otherwise, I don’t think I could have coped with living in the unknown! But Dashner always left a chapter on a cliffhanger, I never wanted to put it down however this got annoying as I didn’t know when/where to stop! I also loved that I never knew who to trust, who was good, who was bad, I thought I figured out something only for that idea to be shot down the next chapter after. It was brilliant!! Even though I loved this book to pieces, I still loved the first one more, but I think it was because the concept was so new and brilliant that I was completely blown away.

Overall I thought this book was a fantastic second installment to the series and I can’t wait to read the ‘Death Cure’!! I am happy to award it with 4/5 stars and I recommend you certainly read this series!! If your unsure on whether to or not please check out my spoiler-free review on ‘The Maze Runner’ and hopefully that should persuade you!!

The Maze Runner – James Dashner

A book I have been dying to read for a long time and with the film coming out this October I needed to read it! Finally I have and I am please to say I really enjoyed it, so much I couldn’t put it down! I went into the book already knowing a lot of the storyline from my sister who just loves to give away spoilers and from the numerous trailers released! With this I thought I knew the outcome of the book but I was proven wrong with all the twists and turns I encountered!

The book for those who don’t know, follows the path of a young boy named Thomas who wakes up with no memory in the centre of a huge maze inhabited by a group of boys known as gladers. Like Thomas, the gladers don’t know why or how they came to the maze all they know is when the walls open they risk everything to find out! In doing so Thomas has to discover his past in order to help the others before it’s too late…

This book was again full of action and mystery leaving the reader in the same position as the character’s – in the unknown! However I hate the sense of unknown, I thought it was a clever way to create suspense but I hated it! I wanted to know answers as much as the characters leaving myself feeling frustrated with the book itself!

However on a positive note I loved the character’s so much I became very attached to them! I thought the development of some characters was really good however I have to admit I would love to give Theresa a good old smack!

Overall I really liked this book and I would give it 4/5. It is a great read with never a dull moment and I would certainly recommend you pick up the next book as the first leaves you on a clift-hangger