The Assassins Blade – Sarah J Maas

Sarah J Maas you are wonderful. Again she has sucked me into the fantasy world of the ‘Throne Of Glass’ Series and hooked me with her intense and emotional stories.

The Assassins Blade is a prequel to the wonderful ‘Throne Of Glass’ Series and if you haven’t read that yet, I suggest you do as it it brilliant! It follows the journey of Celaena during her time at the Assassins Keep though various different short stories ability. It also stars Sam Cortland and we are able to learn more about his relationship with Celaena and his outcome.

First and foremost, Sarah J Maas you know how to create a book which made me feel all the emotions. The banter between Sam and Celaena was brilliant and witty and their relationship was beautiful. I’ve always been a team Chaol but after finishing ‘The Assassins Blade’ I am easily team Sam! He was so kind and brave and would do anything for Celaena! Why Sarah?! Why? It was also nice to learn that Celaena’s phrase she says when she’s nervous, originally came from Sam.

Whenever I’m scared out of my wits, I tell myself: My name is Sam Cortland … and I will not be afraid. I’ve been doing it for years.”

“My name is Celaena Sardothien, and I will not be afraid.”

Celaena’s character development was also nice to see, though it wasn’t as much as it is in ‘Throne Of Glass’ but it was nice to see her open up. But in this book she is such a badass but by the end of the book she is more caring and sensitive. I was also surprised to see that Dorian and Chaol made a brief appearance! Yay!

My favourite story was either ‘The Assassin and the Red Desert’ or ‘The Assassin and the Underworld’. I loved the characters in the ‘Red Desert’ especially Ansel and of course I loved the twist in the story which I certainly wasn’t expecting! ‘The Underworld’ for me was the hardest to read not because of the wiring style (that’s perfect!) but because of the emotions i went though. One minute I was laughing but the next I was sobbing my heart out.

I finished this book with a broken heart and at some points I couldn’t bring myself to read the next chapter because I knew what was going to happen and I was in the mindset that if I didn’t read, it then it didn’t happen.

Overall, Sarah J Maas has done another wonderful job at — me into her fantasy world and adventures. I’m so pleased that we were able to meet Sam and see Celaena in her original environment and some what comfort zone. I easily rate it 5/5 stars thanks to its intense but emotional storyline and beautiful characters.

I you haven’t already read this series, I highly recommend that you do and you can check out our spoiler free review here!