All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven 

I would just like to start this review by saying that I think this is genuinely one of the best books I have ever read! Although I was very hesitant to read this book because of all the hype as I didn’t want to be disappointed. 

I went into this book with such an open mind and it really paid off, it was a beautifully written, heartwarming story that I think will stay with me for a really long time, actually I don’t think I’ll ever get over it! 

I don’t want to describe this book too much because I think it’s best to go into this book somewhat blind. However a brief outline is that the two main characters Finch and Violet meet on the top of the school’s bell tower contemplating suicide. Violet has tragically just lost her sister in a car accident and Finch struggles with various mental health issues. Together they help each other down from the bell tower and as the story progreses so does their friendship. I know thats fairly vague but you’re going to have to trust me on this, it’s amazing. 

This book drew me in straight away! There was no faffing around they got straight to the point. Because of that I just wanted to keep reading and the pages just kept turning, it was almost addictive! 

I loved the characters in this book! Firstly there is Finch (Theodore Finch), he was such an interesting character, but also he could be so much fun to read. He had the best personlity and genuinely had me belly laughing at points. I loved how he treated Violet and made it his mission to help her recover from the accident, which was just adorable, he’s someone I would love as a friend! Then there is Violet who was a happy, ‘normal’ girl before her sister died. When we first meet her she’s unsure of herself and who she is after the accident. Through Finch she learns to come out of herself and grab life by the horns once again! Her story arc is really beautiful. 

This book covered so many serious issues so beautifully. The main issues being suicide, depression and grief. Through the characters of Finch and Violet you really get inside the head of someone who wants to commit suicide and their thought processes. This gives an interesting insight into mental health illnesses but also means you have more understanding and can empathise (the best you can) with possible real life situations in the future. So not only was this book entretaining but you also learn a lot as well. 

This book was so heartbreakingly beautiful and it will always stay with me. I implore you to read this book, I know there is a lot of hype but this book actually deserves it, trust me if it didn’t I would tell you! I’m going to give this a massive 5 out of 5 stars, this is truly deserved and a wonderful, wonderful book, thank you for writing it Jennifer Niven! 

The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

I probably wouldn’t have read this if I didn’t have to. This book is my one of my exam texts for English (and also my co-blogger’s, we happen to be in the same class). That being said I still really enjoyed it, it was so beautifully written by Hosseini and a really touching story. Although I did find this book quite hard to crack open and read when I didn’t have to, and I’ll be honest if I didn’t have to finish it before the end of the Christmas holidays, I would probably only be about half way… but this is probably because I knew what happened as I have seen the play. So if you read it you may think differently and find it difficult to put down.

The book is about a young boy’s story. This boy’s name is Amir and is growing up in Afghanistan in the 1970’s before the revolution. Early in his childhood a devastating event changed him forever.This is a very hard book to describe whilst not spoiling it, and trust me you do not want this book spoiled or it will change your perspective of the plot entirely.

If I didn’t already know the story I would have whizzed through this book as there are so many twists and unexpected changes. This book also happens to be tragically sad, it’s so tragic that it almost seems unrealistic, but what saddens me most is that things like this do happen in Afghanistan and we only ever hear about on the news, as that is our main source of information, but this is watered down and easy to distance yourself from. But when reading this book it places you right in the middle of the action so you can experience the horrors first hand.

This book is breath taking and really moving, but you’re going to have to read it yourself to really understand what I’m chatting on about… and if you do, have some tissues ready…

I don’t really know what else to say, apart from that it really sent me through a whirlwind of emotions.

I’m going to give this book 4 out of 5 stars * * * *, I might be being a little harsh but I dropped a star because I found it difficult to read, but that is all…

If You Find Me – Emily Murdoch

I’m not quite sure how to start this review sooooo, Hi. How ya doing? I’m good but slightly emotionally unstable because of this book. Yes it’s one of those. After I finished this book I sort of wondered around thinking about life in a somewhat of confused state, I have to admit, major book hangover…

After buying this book on a whim I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it but also how much it affected me. I read this book during the process of flying and also that first day of holiday. I usually read books pretty fast on holiday anyway but I read it in something like a day (or maybe 2, I don’t have superpowers, unfortunately) any way I usually judge a book on how quickly I finish it and so on my standards this was blimin’ good!

This book revolves around a young teenager named Carey. For as long as she can remember she has lived in an old caravan in the heart of the woods with her silent six year old sister Jenessa and her drug and alcohol addicted mother who is away for months at a time. This is her home so when strangers turn up one night, she doesn’t really know what to do and is terrified that they will find out their secret and the reason for Jenessa’s silence.  Can’t say much more without spoilers, sorry folks…

I just couldn’t stop reading this book and I absolutely loved it from cover to cover, there was literally nothing I would change, although I have to admit it does get a bit heavy with the subject matter so younger readers please be warned…

Honestly this book was perfect and I absolutely loved it! I’m going to award it a massive 5 out of 5 stars * * * * * a beautiful and heartfelt story that I couldn’t put down.