The Riot Club (2014) – Film Review

I have wanted to watch this film for ages, although admittedly I did want to watch it for all the wrong reasons, mainly being the cast and their gorgeous facial features and the quality of their previous films… However the main concept of the film did interest me, so I knew I wouldn’t be completely bored…

The Riot Club is about this exclusive club within Oxford University, it is only for the richest and most academically talented male students. The story follows a new student called Miles as he finds his way through University life and his selection into The Riot Club. The Riot Club is very old fashioned in its ways and relies heavily on tradition, they also like to act like absolute dicks and smash places to pieces.

I actually really enjoyed this film, it was surprisingly powerful and made me think a lot about what actually goes on at these prestigious universities, especially as I haven’t got a cat in hells chance of ever getting into one… Everything seemed so old fashioned but also so modern that it blurred the lines a bit which made the story really unpredictable and interesting. There are some really powerful messages in this film including LISTEN TO THE GIRLS, we know what we’re talking about! But in all seriousness,honourable it beautifully highlights just how devastating having a bit of ‘fun’ can be which I think teenagers need to realize a little bit more these days. As well as being serious and powerful, this film was also quite humorous, there are some wicked one-liners! However I did find myself laughing at inappropriate things, that I feel bad about now, but I think that’s what it was supposed to do, just to open people’s eyes even more.
Another thing that shocked me about this film is the portrayal and the treatment of the female characters. It shocked me because I didn’t think that that level of sexism still occurred, well not in the UK and certainly not at Oxford University, however that may be me being a bit naïve. It was slightly horrific how some of the members of The Riot Club treated women, actually, it really angered me; women were no more than objects to them. But again it just highlights the inequalities between the two genders and how that some people just need to wake up and enter into the 21st century!

The acting was also first class, Max Irons, Sam Claflin and Douglas Booth were stellar and their faces weren’t bad either… Although they were playing characters with awful personalities which made them much less attractive. Except for Max Irons who playedhonorableMiles, who I was rooting for from the beginning. Also, Holliday Grainger who played the sweet but strong willed character Lauren also gave a stunning performance, especially as her character goes through a lot!

Overall I did enjoy this film, it was powerful and sends some very strong messages. Although it got a little bit tedious as the majority of the film is set in one room and after that massive sequence, you were dying for a change! But that was something fairly minor, I did enjoy it. I’m going to award it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.
Just a disclaimer, this film is a 15 and does have adult themes and sexy scenes, so best not to watch when your parents are around or if you’re too young…