TV Talk – Pretty Little Liars Season 6 – Game On Charles

Pretty Little Liars

Last night was the season 6 premier of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and the start of #ASummerOfAnswers which I am super excited about. The episode started with a update of the finale of season 5 and showed us what had happened in the ‘dollhouse’ so far and their attempted escape. However the girls escape was shown from the point of view of another girl who is trapped there too!! Who is this girl?? More on that later..

This season started just where we left off with the girls sitting in the rain outside the dollhouse without food or water for about two or three days! Later, Charles then reopens the closed doors, allowing the girls back into the dolls house and cautiously the girls once again, enter. The girls vow is to stick together as they walk in, but that is soon destroyed when Charles gases the girls, grabbing Mona and putting the gas mask she received to use!

“You may be a dude, but your still a bitch” – Hanna

We then see the girls wake up after being gases with white sheets covering their bodies! The girls think it is a message A wants to send to their families – Bastard! Mona then return and tells the girls to return to their rooms as their is a surprise waiting for them…But after they enter the room we are met by their screams and cries which was very unsettling!!

The show then jumps 3 weeks and we see Alison giving a speech about the recent events and pleading that the girls ‘kidnapper’ who everyone think is Andrew returns the girls without harm. We later see that Alison is both working with the police and the boys (Caleb, Ezra and Toby) to help find the girls by becoming the ‘bait’!!

‘She’s at a dead stop.’’Thats a poor choice of words’ – Ezra and Caleb

Switching back to the girls who are still trapped but are finally allowed out of their rooms to play wearing some of their old school outfits (creepy!!!). I’m really curious to find out what the ‘surprise’ was for the girls as each one of them looked traumatised and refused to talk about what happened…

The girls then go to Ali’s room to prepare for her arrival and learn that Charles no longer needs Mona and they think he is planning to kill her which we all thought too when we learned he was keeping her locked up in a giant hole!!!

Back to Ali, and ‘A’ is leading her directly to the girls with Ezra and Caleb following behind and the tension is high!! They all disapear into the woods getting one step close to A and the girls! The girls then try to escape with Mona and begin to burn the place down along with Charles childhood memories! Once they escape they are met with Ali, Ezra, Caleb and the Rosewood Police Department and they all hug and cry; it was very emotional!! I was also pleased to learn that the other girl trapped in the ‘dollhouse’ was Sarah Harvey, the girl who went missing the same time as Ali!!

‘I counted the steps to the vault.’ ‘Of course you did’ – Spencer and Hanna

I thought this was a fab start to a very exciting season as many of our questions from last season were answered however by the end of the episode we all had twice as many new questions!!! Once again there was so much action and drama which kept me on the edge of the seat for the whole episode!!  I love the fact that more people are getting involved with the hunt for A and also that the character of Arya is becoming more of a badass!! Love it!! Again, I thought the girls were great and really show the importance and power of friendship!!

What did you think of the episode? What’s some of your unanswered questions? Share them in the comments below!!