The Elite – Kiera Cass

I love this series!! So much happened in this book which made it so addictive and to top it all off it leaves you on another cliffhanger, making it so much worse.

‘The Elite’ begins with only six girls left in the selection from the original 35 and competition is fierce. But time is running out and Prince Maxon must choose a winner, one that will become his bride. America is seen as the favourite in his eyes however you can’t have a love story that simple, oh no! America must decide once again between Aspen; the boy from home or Maxon; the charming prince.

It was easy for me to jump right back into the world of Illea and the palace. I fell easily right back into the rhythm of the Selection process and life with the royal family. These books are very easy and certainly enjoyable reads – they make me wish that I was a princess! Once again we still have our love triangle between our two handsome young men and personally whilst reading I found it hard to make a decision of whom America should end up with – they both have there strengths and weaknesses. At times I am certain she should be with Maxon and then the next minute I’m positive she should be with Aspen instead! Oh gosh, it’s all so dramatic!

What I love about this book is the fact that the attention is taken away from Aspen and is more focused on Maxon. We get to know more about him, and what his character is really like. I also liked how we got to see America’s character develop, as she encounters more and more events in the palace. But at times America could get a bit frustrating which ruined her character slightly. By the end of the boo,k America was in a bit of an awkward place with both Maxon and Aspen and I feel she has a lot of work to do to ‘fix’ the situation…

The Elite is a step up from the first book as The Selection was quite light and wasn’t as serious as this book. In The Elite we get to see the cracks in the way Illea is run, and how they were more in danger than they expected. With more and more rebel attacks, more drama is created making the book more action packed!

I recommend ‘The Elite’ and ‘The Selection’ series for fans of fairy-tales with romance and action. Giving it 4/5, I really really really recommend this series and if you are still unsure check out our spoiler-free review on ‘The Selection’. If you are a fan of the series please do check out my review of ‘The One’

The Selection – Kiera Cass

Pretty Dresses, Fancy Jewellery, and A Handsome Prince all makes me want to become a princess! *Sigh*. The Selection was a very easy read which I really enjoyed however like most young adult books it can become slightly predictable.

If you haven’t already guessed this book is about a young girl who is entered into a competition to win the hand of the young charming prince! From there she has to battle a confusing love life as well as trying to compete in the competition which holds many twists and turns! From reading the description I was already hooked and it’s been a while since I read a book about princesses but you’re never too old! Another thing I loved was that it was an easy read, so if you struggling to find a book and just want something simple this book will be perfect.

As for the characters, the main protagonist is a young girl called America who I absolutely love! But it’s not just her I love but the whole theme with her in the Selection and how she wanted to be herself, not someone fake. Brilliant! This book wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as it is if it didn’t have the love triangle. We have Aspen, America’s first love, and a young poor boy, who I hate. He broke America’s heart and then expected it all to be fine when he returns! No Way Ho-Say! On the hand, we have the young charming prince Maxon who is very sweet and who I defiantly want America to end with, but we will just have to wait and see…

About half-way through the book I stopped and looked at all the pages I had left to read and there were still twenty girls left! I knew something wasn’t right and I could feel myself walking straight into a cliff-hanger ending. Who was going to win? Well, when I finished, my question was answered: None did. Kiera Cass decided to put me through the torture of the biggest cliffhanger ever and not tell me who won. How could she do this to me!

Overall I loved this book and I really enjoyed reading this as it was such as easy read which I whizzed through. The characters are great and so is the storyline but it can get slightly predictable at times and then ‘love triangle’ can be slightly overwhelming!  I give this book 3.8/5 stars and I would certainly recommend it!