Nevernight Trilogy by Jay Kristoff – 12 Days of Blogmas

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

A mysteriously artful and exhilarating read that refused to be put down and one which has earned a place as one of my favourite reads of 2019. It is clear that the writing style is either a hit or miss with readers, but for me it was a beautifully crafted masterpiece filled with unique and descriptive metaphors that came to life on the page. Mia is a powerful and fiery protagonist that successfully drives the story along a path of unexpected twists and turns. Her developing relationship with Tric is again a new favourite, and I especially enjoyed their playful conversations and blossoming romance. Everything about this book is incredible, Mia journey is one that needs to be shared and enjoyed by readers and is one which is constantly filled with intense fight scenes, carefree and foulmouthed language and a level of sass that remains unbeaten.

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

After falling utterly in love with everything Nevernight, I had very high expectations for Godsgrave and its fair to say that Kristoff has once again surpassed my expectations and has crafted an exhilarating read filled with jaw-dropping moments and surprise twists. Mia still remains one of my favourite fictional characters, she’s fierce, intelligent and emotionally raw, leaving us readers with a character that feels real and thoughtful. I particularly enjoyed the witty remarks from both Mr Kindly and Eclipse (and Mia)! In this book, Mia is forced to train as a Gladiator in order to accomplish her lifelong desire to assassinate two of the most powerful men, and believe me when I say that the fight scenes in this book hold a grand and cinematic quality; they are beautifully intense and page-turning. Once again, Kristoff excels at creating a unique fantasy world filled with equally fantastic cast of characters and an unexpected storyline that is never once predictable.

Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff

I wasn’t prepared for this series to finish, believe me when I say that I savoured every page. I was expecting a grand and fitting conclusion for Mia, and that is exactly what we received, the fight scenes we bigger, the relationships were stronger and the whole experience was unforgettable. I cried, which isn’t really a surprise but Kristoff manages to give these characters a sense of realism and an unexpected emotional connection that has you praying for their survival and much deserved happy ending. What dominates this book is the intensity of the action and the beautifully choreographed fight scenes that allow our characters to shine and do what they do best. Kristoff also manages to include love triangle without lowering the tone and making it cheesy, all the emotions are raw, real and heartbreaking. Mia and her gang of assassins is a group I’ve learned to love and cherish, I’m going miss her witty interactions, impulsive nature and killer instinct. Thank you Jay for creating a wonderfully imaginative and compelling story packed full of memorable and unique characters, this whole trilogy has been a ride from start to finish and is an experience that has inspired to explore my own writing capabilities.