‘Shadow and Bone’ (Netflix) Cast Reaction

This post was meant to be published a year ago, instead it’s been sitting all sad and forgotten in my ‘drafts’! My attitude towards this series however is the complete opposite. Words can’t describe how excited I am and I almost died when they released the cast photos! This is hands down my most anticipated TV show of the year so it’s only fitting that I finally share my reactions to all the casting and production news. Be prepared for lots of gushing and fawning.

Bardugo’s Grisha universe is a perfect example of stunning craftsmanship and unlimited imagination that is open to endless exploration and adventure. Transporting this world from page to screen isn’t a small feat but such responsibility has been embraced by executive producers Eric Heisserer (Arrival, Bird Box) and Shawn Levy (Stranger Things, Arrival), with Leigh Bardugo also on board as a producer. I have total and utter faith that this adaptation will stay true to the books and will successfully embody everything we as the fans cherish in this series. The show is being filmed in Budapest, a baroque city landscape that exhibits grandeur and dramatic beauty, all elements that we see mirrored throughout Bardugo’s Grishaverse. I look forward to witnessing the stunning architecture and filming locations when it is safe to do so, especially since my trip there was sadly cancelled this year.

When casting such a well-loved series there’s always a chance that some fans will be disappointed, but I don’t think this is the case for this show. The casting directors for this show have hit the nail on the head for every single character; it’s PERFECT.

Shadow and Bone


Let’s start with the main man himself, The Darkling who is being played by Ben Barnes! *Swoon*. My love for him as Prince Caspian in Narnia has never died and now we get to fall for him all over again, but time as the villain! This is one my favourite castings, and to me he’s the perfect Darkling, he’s got that mysterious and cunning stare that would easily have me spilling all my secrets!

Alina Starkov: Jessie Mei Li. The decision in making Alina half-shu is brilliant and I love the fact that we are get to see a half-asian actress in a major role. I’m so excited to see what Jessie does with this character and I hope this encourages more biracial and multiracial characters to be represented in film and books. The more I look at her the more I see Alina, and I can’t praise this casting enough.

Mal Oretsev: Archie Renaux. Mal was never my favourite character in the series BUT I’m excited for this casting and maybe Archie might change my opinion on Mal? He’s another casting that I’m slowly falling in love with, I’ll happily be the first one to throw my hands up and admit that I was wrong to hate book Mal!

Genya Saffin: Dasiy Head. Another casting that I love and I’m eager to see how they transform and bring such a heartbreakingly loveable character to life. Sadly Genya’s casting has been getting a lot of hate but I want to say loud and clear that I think she is BEAUTIFUL!

Zoya Nazyalensky: Sujaya Dasgupta. Zoya is such a strong personality and renegade, so Sujaya has got some big boots to fill, but I’m quietly confident that she’s going to kill it.

Six of Crows


Kaz Breker: Freddy Carter. He’s got that chizzled, artful mastermind look about him, everything about him screams Kaz! This is probably my favourite casting of the entire series, Freddy Carter IS Kaz and I can’t wait to see him brought to life.

Inej Ghafa: Amita Suman. This cast is so diverse and I’m so excited to see all the different representation on screen and for others to fall in love with these characters and their story. Once again, another casting that I’m utterly in love with and plus I’m living for all the behind the scenes of her stunt training on instagram!

Jasper Fahey: Kit Young. He’s got that charming smile and cunning look and I’m just so excited to see one of my favourite characters come to life. I can’t wait to see his character on screen and all those epic fight scenes with his gunslinging skills.

Nina Zenik: Danielle Galligan. Just look at that headshot, if looks could kill! Another casting that sadly has been getting a lot of hate due to her not being ‘curvy’ or ‘big’ enough’. It’s evidently clear that the creators and actors of this show care a lot about these characters, so I’m choosing to focus on the positives and celebrate this incredible cast. Nina is such a strong and powerful character and I’m confident that Danielle will do her justice.

Matthias Helvar : Calahan Skogman. The longer I look at the cast pictures the more and more I see these characters come to life! Calahan you better look after my little Matthias!

Damn this is one good-looking cast! You can already see, how much thought, care and enthusiasm has been put into this show and I living for all of the cast behind the scene photos. Clearly they are just as excited and passionate about this shows and its characters as the fans.

Shadow and Bone will be hitting our screens on 23rd April 2021 and until then I’ll be re-reading all the books in preparation for an ultimate binge-sesh when it’s finally released!