The Killing Woods – Lucy Christopher

I would have probably never picked up this book if it wasn’t for my school librarian who knows I love reading and recommended it to me. I haven’t really read much horror or mystery books in the past year but after reading this I have really gotten into them. So if you have any recommendations please comment and let me know. Anyway lets move on then…

As you already know or many have guess from the title this book is a horror and mystery. One night Emily’s Dad emerges from the woods behind their house carrying something; a body. After her father is accused of murder, Emily must uncover the truth about what really happened in the woods that night!

The story gets going quickly and I was immediately sucked into the book. 30 pages in, I was hooked. I loved the two different view points throughout the book as it constantly made me change my mind on who I thought was the killer; at one point it was Emily’s dad, then Damon or Joe. However at some chapters i felt were very slow paced and dragged on but the last 80 pages or so were really fast paced; so fast i couldn’t put it down! And to add to that the chapters were also really short which made it more addictive!!

Like I’ve said ‘The Killing Woods’ is narrated by two people; Emily and Damon. Emily is the daughter of the man who was accused of murdering Ashlee Parker. Damon is the boyfriend of Ashlee. Emily is sure that her father is innocent and will do an nothing to prove it. Damon on the other hand is a wreck. Damon’s thoughts were too often just clouded with never ending anger and thoughts of sex with Ashlee.

Another criticism was ‘the game’. I hope i wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand it or thought it was weird. The collars and such seemed so silly to me that I couldn’t really wrap my mind around what was going on. But the fact i didn’t understand it made it more addicting for me as it kept reading desperate to find out what went on that night.

Overall I give this book 3/5 stars as it wasn’t one i would read again and lacked good characters. However despite this it was very addicting storyline and i enjoyed the style or writing!