Kingsman- The Secret Service Film Review

I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THIS FILM! I’ve wanted to watch this film since I first saw the trailer but I never got the opportunity to go to the cinema to see it, so when I saw that it was on Sky Premiere both my dad and I jumped at the opportunity to watch it.

This was such an awesome film, it literally had everything I love in a movie, there was kickass action, wit,humour, a bit of gore and loads of pure class! This film is about a secret spy service which prides itself on its well made suits and old school gadgets such as exploding pens and hand grenades disguised as cigarette lighters. When one of their members is killed they have to look for a new recruit and so put a group of young people through an insane test to see who could be the next member of Kingsman. The most unlikely candidate is Eggsy, whilst everyone else is very well spoken and went to expensive private schools, Eggsy is a little rough around the edges and grew up in a crime infested area of London. The film follows this testing, but also the fight with an evil villian who wants to cull the human race.

This film has such a legendary cast including Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Samuel. L. Jackson and Michael Caine! There was also a lot of new faces to the screen that were so talented, especially the actor who played Eggsy, Taron Egerton, not only is he a fantastic actor, he also had great comic timing making the film very witty and turned the film into something that isn’t “just another spy film”. The character of Eggsy also has a wonderful character arc which Egerton portrayed so beautifully, but also he’s pretty easy on the eye, I’m not going to lie!

Although this film did surprise me as it was a lot more gory than I was expecting. Although the violence wasn’t completely realistic, it was pretty full on with people getting cut in half and others being stabbed in the neck, so I do warn you, if you’re not a fan of this kind of thing, I advise you to maybe give this one a miss. That being said, although the camera never pulled away from such violence, the audience never really sees a lot of blood, making the violence easier to digest and also makes the film less serious and a bit of a mick take of other spy films.

I really loved this film, it is a strong, diverse and interesting story with quality acting. I would love to see a sequel as I think it would be really interesting to see what happens next with Kingsmen and all of its members as new threats arise! I’m going to award this film a 5 out of 5 stars, just a great film!