Life On The Refrigerator Door – Alice Kuipers

This is certainly one of my top 10 favourite books ever! It’s such a beautiful story and how it is written is so unique – I love it! The story is about a mother and daughter both who have very busy lives and hardly ever see each other! From the little notes they leave each other on the fridge, we encounter different events which push them further apart but also bring them closer together! This story is full of emotions and will certainly make you cry!

What really makes me love this book isn’t the fact that there are so many emotions but the way it is written. Just short notes can explain everything, show every feeling and creates a very clever storyline. It’s just perfect! I’m sure everyone has written notes to their parents but just imagine keeping all of them and putting them in a book. Each one of them tells their own story.

The characters are also very relatable and I instantly feel connected to Claire. She herself is such a loveable and strong character and some I aspire to be like!! Being a teenager, I find it difficult to communicate with my mom but after reading this I will certainly try harder too!! It sends an important message to always communicate with your loved ones, no matter what!! I first picked up this book from a friend who was reading it during a free period and I couldn’t put it down!! I was very impressed when such a short book could tell such a passionate and deep story!! It’s one of these books that you can pick up on a bad day and will make you smile – it’s fab!!

Overall this book deserves 5/5 stars it’s such a fun but very emotional book!! Please, please pick up this book, it won’t take long to read but make sure you have tissues at hand!!