Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

OH MY GOD. This is one of the best books I have ever read, and I’m not even being dramatic I am genuinely in awe. AHHH I can’t even.This is a fantasy fan’s dream, the best way I can describe it is Game of Thrones (without the naughty bits) crossed with The Hunger Games crossed with Divergent. It’s quite something I can tell you that!

The actual story line is about a seventeen year old girl named Mare Barrow, she lives in a world where people are divided by blood. Silver or Red. If you’re born silver then you are in the higher hierarchy of life, you basically have everything handed to you on a plate and you also have super cool powers. If you have red blood however, like Mare, then you don’t have any super cool powers and you’re forced to live in the lower ends of society, working long hours, never being appreciated and always being looked down upon by the silvers. Also I forgot to mention, if you have red blood and don’t have a job by the time you’re 18 then you’re conscripted to fight in a devastating war that you’re likely never to return from.With a little luck and the help from a seemingly innocent man Mare meets in the pub, Mare ends up in the heart of the Silver court, working for the king, where Mare discovers who she really is and what she is actually capable of. But among the people she hates the most, with people who can read minds and manipulate anyone with a single thought, secrets are not easily withheld and like it says in the book “anyone can betray anyone” and especially in the lion’s den who can Mare trust?

One thing I really loved about this book is that I really could not predict what was going to happen next. I thought the plot was going in a certain direction but EVERY TIME it twists on its head and EVERY TIME I’m left with my jaw on the floor contemplating humanity. I know there are some plot twists that you kind of know are going to happen, but this was just insane, I was not expecting any of the events that happen! But now I’ve told you about the plot twist you’re going to try and look out for them, but if you can, try and go into it with an open mind so you can be as surprised and shocked as I was!

I really loved how Aveyard built up the world so beautifully. It is so detailed with each name of each kingdom and also all the different dynasties and families that make up the Silver court, everyone has an interesting name that you can never remember but still appreciate the time going into creating. Also I felt that, even though the storyline is quite complicated (I say quite I mean VERY complicated, I mean seriously I tried to explain it to my dad and got completely lost…) but it is really well written in a way that you were always understanding what’s  going on.

Although what’s also good is that you were left in the dark about somethings which makes you really eager to read on and find out what the characters are planning…

I really don’t have any criticisms about this book, it was just perfect in my eyes. It was also set up perfectly for a sequel so keep your eyes open, although we might be waiting a while because this book was only published in February this year, but if/when the sequel comes out I will be the first in the queue to buy it!

I think it’s pretty obvious what my rating is going to be and that is of course the full 5 out of 5 stars! I cannot recommend it any more, just read it!