The Anomaly – Film Review

Well… this film is certainly one for all SCI FI lovers! I did have my eye on it when it first came out because the trailer did get me interested, but I never managed to see it… so when I saw it ready to download on sky I was all over it. Now I have quite a bit of free time on my hands, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to give it a watch.

The plot line is somewhat confusing… The main protagonist, Ryan, wakes up not knowing where he is or how he got there. He finds himself in the back of a van with a kidnapped boy. Whilst trying to save him, the contents of his jacket makes him realise that he was, in fact, the kidnapper but he has no recognition of doing such a thing. Once he comes to this realisation, he zones out then wakes up in a completely different place with completely different people. He is only himself and in one situation for 9 minutes and 47 seconds and the film is Ryan trying to find out WHY and HOW this is happening. Now you can probably guess by my incapability to write a coherent synopsis that it is really weird and VERY hard to describe…

Set some time in the future, the CGI is quite something, especially the enhanced London; that was wicked! However I found it quite hard to follow, and confusing, I really had to concentrate and rewind a few times just to make sure I understood, so perhaps don’t watch this will chatty people because you will certainly be baffled!

Even now I’m still not entirely sure what the whole point was, I think I have it, but it took a while… Also you’re kind of left in a confused state for about ¾ of the film, so you really have to stick it out if you want to even begin to have some sort of understanding.
But the thing about this film is that it is so gripping, although I was in a state of confusion for the majority of the film, I was desperate to see how it was going to end and what will happen next, and it really was unpredictable because Ryan was always waking up in weird and wacky situations that I could never anticipate.

A thing about this film that I wasn’t crazy about was that there was A LOT of fist fighting and one to one combat. Although at first it was intense and beautifully choreographed, after the 3rd fight, I was bored… However, these fights were well fought by some kick ass actors, Ryan is played by Noel Clark, who I knew from playing Micky in Doctor Who. Also the ‘badie’ (of sorts) is played by Ian Somerhalder who most will know from ‘The Vampire Diaries’, I mean he’s always going to be the perfect ‘badie’ and those bright blue eyes are a force to be reckoned with!

Over all this was a gripping and an interesting film, however it is confusing but if you persevere with it then it will start to make more sense and it actually turns into a very clever and unique story! I’m going to award this a 3 out of 5 stars, I might be being a bit mean as I did enjoy this film but it was just a bit too confusing for my old noggin. Also before you watch this bear in mind that it is rated 15 and does include violent scenes and sex scenes…

I shall link the trailer HERE so you can make your own opinion on this interesting film!