Meeting Carrie Hope Fletcher at the Cheltenham Literature festival!

We’re so lucky that we have an amazing literature festival that attracts so many famous faces so close to us. Cheltenham is a Small town about 20 minutes away from us and is famous for its various festivals and also the Cheltenham Races. We always make the most of the Literature Festival each year! This year Amy and I went to hear Youtuber, Author and Westend star, Carrie Hope Fletcher talk about her book All I Know Now which I reviewed and will link here. Carrie is a serious role model and idol to me so I was very excited and a little star struck to meet her…which you can probably tell from the pictures…

Firstly Carrie was interviewed in front of about 150-200 people (including us… we were right at the back but that didn’t matter…) She stuck me with her witty humor and I can only describe her as an old soul, she was just like a wise owl, but she’s only 23! The interview started with her reading an extract from her book about how she got chased by a bear, she managed to make us laugh and seriously think in the space of a minute which was very commendable, and also I totally had a freak out when she started singing (she honestly has the most amazing voice!) From her interview it is easy to see how she is the “big sister” of the internet with her fantastic advice and morals, I SO WISH SHE WAS MY BIG SISTER! I found myself nodding along and agreeing with everything she was saying, she kept saying she waffles but I couldn’t disagree more, I thought everything she said was cleverly crafted and well thought out, which is extremely impressive considering she thought up all her answers on the spot! She also talked about her new book On The Other Side which is a fiction book and sounds very interesting and I will definitely read and review when it is out!

There were also some quick fire questions which I tried to write down but I couldn’t quite catch all of them. Carrie’s fictional boyfriend would be Neville Longbottom and her favourite heroine would be Hermione Granger, both, of course, from Harry Potter, but she did specify that it was a very hard decision to make! Her favourite author is Andrew Kaufman, her favourite cake is coffee and walnut (controversial) and her favourite Youtube channel that hasn’t got lots of Subscribers is Good Mythical Morning. There were also some fab audience questions (I was going to ask one but I froze and couldn’t think of anything!) but the answers that were gained from the Q&A was that if you want to get into acting she does suggest going to drama school because it’s much easier to get an agent! A question that was asked was if she regrets not doing A Levels and her answer was she doesn’t regret it because she’s been able to do all she wanted without them but she wishes she was more educated and clever!

After the interview, Amy and I waited in a queue for 30 minutes to get our books signed by Carrie! It was so exciting (I was actually shaking!) and when we got to the front she so lovely asking how we were… I was a little star struck and acted like a deer in headlights, so at least Amy was speaking coherently! We had such a wonderful time and we would suggest anyone who lives close to Cheltenham to go because it’s absolutely fab!

I hope you enjoyed this different little post! We will hopefully go to more of these kinds of events in the future so do let us know if you want us to do this again!

I will leave my book review of Carrie’s book here

I will also leave a link to her youtube channel here because she’s honestly my favourite!