On The Fence – Kasie West

Kasie West never fails to make me fall in love with her writing, story and characters as they are all just so cute.’On The Fence’ was a lovely and easy read which only took me a couple of days to read, I only wish there was more of it *hint hint*. Once again her characters were unique yet down to earth and relatable which I really enjoyed and it was very easy to fall in love with all of them!

‘On The Fence’ follows the story of sixteen year old Charlie, who can outrun, outscore, and outwit every boy she knows thanks to her three brothers but when it comes to being a girl Charlie doesn’t know the first thing about anything. So when she starts working at chichi boutique to pay off a speeding ticket, she finds herself in a strange new world of makeup, lacy skirts, and BeDazzlers.

Like I’ve already mentioned I loved every single character, especially her brothers who were all really understanding and cool and I loved all the banter between them! My favourite had to be Gage as he was the brother who understood her the most and couldn’t keep a secret from her as well as being the one she would seek advice from and to. To some extent I could relate to Charlie, as I love sports, I’m never one for skirts or dresses and don’t have much knowledge of make up etc. so it was nice to be able to relate to a character for once. 

In my opinion, Braden was the perfect match for Charlie. He was understanding and he always knew what to say as he would tell her to date a guy that would like her for who she really is and not for who she is pretending and trying to be and to find a guy that enjoys the things she enjoys; and he was the answer. He was the one that would go to his front yard and talk to Charlie at midnight and from these chats we learned that he was the one who knew her better than she knew herself.

The storyline was cliche and predictable but I didn’t mind that because at the time I was only looking for something cute and fun to read and that is exactly what I got from this book. All the events in the book were cleverly linked with simple and heartfelt writing you could easily go along with and I really enjoyed reading from Charlie’s POV but I would have loved to have seen some scenes from the POV of Braden.

In conclusion, it was a perfect summer read which was easy and cute read which I recommend to all those who are looking for something light and fluffy to read! I would probably give it 4/5 stars because it was such a lovely read but when I compared it to other contemporary books it just wasn’t as good.


Since You’ve Been Gone – Morgan Matson

I have heard many good things about Morgan Matson and finally picked up one of her books; I wasn’t disappointed!! Since You’ve Been Gone is a classic girly contemporary which leaves you in a good feeling after reading it – it’s just so cute!!

Sloane and Emily are best friends. Sloane is very outgoing and a social queen while Emily is more of a wallflower. This summer they plan to do everything together but when Sloane mysteriously disappears, leaving only a list of tasks to complete over the summer. Emily must try and complete them all as well as trying to find her best friend.

The lovely thing about this book that it isn’t all about romance but it’s mostly about friendship! Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about a good romance, but I think friendships are so important and I love reading about the bonds between best friends.

The storyline is perfect and I quickly connected to Emily and I would totally freak out if someone gave me a list and disappeared!! I felt like I was right there with her, feeling everything she was – when she first discovered Sloane had gone when she went to the party in The Orchard alone when she got to know Frank and realized her feelings might be a little more than just friendship. She just seemed so real, so normal, and I think I would genuinely be friends with her. Since You’ve Been Gone was an amazing read, one that I’m sure I will revisit in the future. Complete with playlists throughout the novel (which you should make and listen to while reading because it just makes it that little bit better!) this book is perfect! I can’t wait to read more of Morgan’s books!!

So to finish off, I’m going to give you a list to complete over the next year and hope that it inspires you to either make your own list for a friend (but don’t disappear) or read the book!! So here it is…

1. Break something
2. Learn at least one new thing each day
3. Dance until dawn
4. Give unwanted toys to a Children’s Hospital
5. Conquer a fear
6. Meet someone new!
7. Write and keep a journal!
8. Take time off and drive across the country
9. Laugh for five minutes every day
10. Sleep under the stars!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year!