Heir Of Fire – Sarah J Maas

Warning: Expect a lot of exclamation marks and fangirling!!!!

I am a fool for not reading this book earlier and I don’t think I will be able to wait till September for the next instalment ‘Queen Of Shadows’. Once again Sarah J Mass has produced a gripping and adventurous tale which I couldn’t put down. With new characters left, right and centre this book never left a dull moment!!!!

‘Heir Of Fire’ again follows the journey of Celaena Sardothian as she tries to discover who she really is as well as trying to uncover the mystery behind the Wydkeys. At the same till we again follow the storyline of Chaol, Dorian and the new girl on the scene, Manon, a witch!

Like I have said, there are so many new characters all which we are able to experience their point of view on different events. In my opinion, the different perspectives worked really well in this book as the different character voices were clear and allowed us as the reader to discover more of the wonderful world Sarah J Mass has created. Again, it also added great depth to the plot and I can’t wait till all these perspectives collide!

The addition of the character, Manon a witch, at first I thought was a bit odd and I thought her chapters and perspectives were a bit dull but soon, it was her chapters I was looking forward to the most! They became more exciting and I loved seeing her character develop; I look forward to seeing more of her in ‘Queen Of Shadows’!!

Rowan was another new and important character, who in my opinion was again brilliant. His character development was also perfect and I really enjoyed his relationship with Celaena. When we are first introduced to him he is infuriatingly patient and stubborn but as the novel continued he begins to open up and becomes such an amazing character; he is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters in the book!

Celaena’s character development was also phenomenal as in this book we see her broken, relentlessly blaming herself for the fates and deaths of her beloved ones. Her fierceness was once again awe-inspiring and I loved that she’s still the same stubborn, snarky and brave young woman!!

As for the storyline, I thought it was actioned packed and never left a dull moment; It was very hard to put down! Mass transports you in to her fantasy world and you honestly begin to feel part of the action and journey! Personally, I think that 500 pages was a bit too much but I’m not complaining as it meant more for me to read!! The writing is also just perfect. I can’t describe how much I love her writing and the multiple points of views all with their own character voice adds to this!!!

Words cant express my excitement for ‘Queen Of Shadows’ and ‘A Court Of Thorns and Roses’ as she is such an amazing author which I can’t wait to meet at the Hay Festival this year!!!! Overall, I give this book 5/5 stars, another amazing book to add to this equally amazing series! If you haven’t yet read this series *cough* Eleanor *cough* I highly recommend that you do and don’t forget to take a look at our reviews on ‘Throne Of Glass’ and ‘Crown Of Midnight’!!

What did you think of the book? Are you excited for the release of ‘Queen Of Shadows’ and ‘A Court Of Thorns and Roses’??

Crown Of Midnight – Sarah J Maas

Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh! This series just keeps getting better and better! The storyline and the characters were just once again perfect and the book held so many twists and turns! This ladies and gentlemen is how to write a sequel!!

Crown of Midnight carries on from the first book as we follow our Campion Celaena Sardothien as she takes up her role as the Kings Assassin. However, it isn’t that simple. In her most recent task, Celaena must uncover a rebel group as well as uncovering the mysteries around her…

With that said, I guess you’d probably like to know why I love Crown Of Midnight so much. I loved this second installment even more than I did the enthralling Throne of Glass, though it was a close call! Crown Of Midnight is a classic good old fashioned fiction and a must read for all!! There was so much action and adventure packed into this book, never leaving a dull moment!! And I am very very excited for ‘Heir of Fire’ (it’s on my Christmas List!) What did I love the most about Crown Of Midnight?! Everything!! I loved loved loved the writing style as the description and detail included help makes the world and the characters more convincing and believable!

Oh, the characters! In Crown of Midnight we still have our main characters from Throne of Glass; Celaena, Chaol, Dorian, and Nehelemia! But we are also introduced to so many more – I never knew who to trust, who was good, who was bad, making the book so much more addictive!

Sarah J Mass has created a perfect combination of original characters that you can root for as well as despise, unpredictable mysteries, plenty of romance, action and adventure and so much more. Certainly 5/5 Stars!!!!

For those new to the series, I have also written a spoiler free review of Throne Of Glass

Throne Of Glass – Sarah J Maas

Nothing beats a kick ass female heroine, some healthy competition and two gorgeous male characters! I loves this book and I really enjoyed the characters and storyline however it was slightly predicable which didn’t leave much surprise or suspense…

The book itself is about a young assassin under the name of Celena Sardathion who has been chosen by a young (and handsome) prince to compete in a competition to become the Kings private assassin! When competing she faces may difficult tasks whilst trying to solve a dangerous mystery which is haunting the castle and putting those who are close to her in danger! And of course like every other young adult novel there has to be a love triangle therefore making our heroine decide between a charming prince or a handsome guard (Personally I love Chaol!) whilst tackling these challenges!

Again I have “Booktube” to thank for my discovery of this book as I am a huge fan for fantasy and after hearing the plot line for this book… well I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast to order anything! This book doesn’t fail to include as much action and adventure as it possibly can, making it at some points addictive!

As much as I loved this book I do have a few criticisms! In my opinion I thought the ending wasn’t great as it left me sitting a bit confused about what had happened as there was too much going on! But saying all that it does show you that this book is packed with action and adventure!

Those who loved the hunger games will surely love this as it has action and romance which make the perfect pair! Overall I give this book a 4/5 a great easy read!