On The Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher

I am such a huge fan of Carrie, her Youtube channel is one of my absolute favourites, so I was SO happy and relieved that I actually loved this book! Some may think that this opinion is biased, but it honestly isn’t, the story was strong and seriously beautifully written!

This book as had a fair amount of hype (well I heard a lot of hype), but if you don’t know this book is about Evie Snow, after living a long and fulfilling life, Evie peacefully passed away in her sleep. However she finds herself back in her 27 year old body, unable to enter her own heaven. She soon finds out that this is because her soul is too heavy to pass on because of 3 secrets she has kept her whole life that need to be revealed. In order to do this Evie has to relive and revisit her eventful and troubled life.

I think you’ll agree with me that this is a very interesting concept, it had me intrigued before I even opened the first page! I really haven’t read a book like it, and certainly one that was so well structured, that was something that really impressed me about this book, I’ve read books in the past with dual stories/time periods and I always ended up confused. This really wasn’t the case with this book, the backstory beautifully entwined with the current story and was placed at the perfect time to ensure optimum enjoyment for the reader! Also I cannot stress enough how well this book was written, and I’ve read a lot of books both well and poorly written, with this book I noticed Fletchers’ talent within the first paragraph! Everything flowed and each word was perfectly picked so I saw each character and scene so clearly, I love, love, loved it!

There are a few things that I would like clarification on though, this is in no way a criticism but I was slightly unsure as to the time period this book was set in… because I got the sense with Evie’s mother that she was rather Victorian so I pictured her in these Victorian gowns in big Victorian houses, but Evie and various other characters I pictured a lot more modern? There was the odd mention of technology so it must be modern but I can’t get the Victorian images out of my head! Also there was a touch of magic in this book, which I absolutely loved, it gave a new dimension to the story, however most of the story was set in normal life, so I was wondering whether that was genuine magic or if it was meant to be a metaphor? Either way I loved it, I was only wondering…

I really loved the characters in this book, I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoilers though… Evie was such a strong and refreshing character, I really enjoyed learning more about her and her life, inspirational is a word that comes to mind, although I couldn’t help but draw similarities between Evie and Carrie herself… It’s fair to say that I definitely pictured Carrie as Evie… Then there’s Vincent Winters, oh Vincent, what a gorgeous character, their little love story was equally adorable and tragic, he’s a lovable soul, what else can I say? Finally I’ll mention Eleanor Snow, Evie’s Mother, if there was going to be a ‘villain’ in this story it would be Eleanor Snow. Oh man, but I have to agree I did enjoy hating her! But Carrie if you’re reading this (you’re probably not) but not all people named Eleanor as as vile as Eleanor Snow, there’s one here who adored your book!

All in all, this was a wonderful book, I very much enjoyed it and was totally hooked from the start, I highly recommend it! I’m going to give this book a 5 out of 5 stars, a beautiful story that I loved experiencing!

Meeting Carrie Hope Fletcher at the Cheltenham Literature festival!

We’re so lucky that we have an amazing literature festival that attracts so many famous faces so close to us. Cheltenham is a Small town about 20 minutes away from us and is famous for its various festivals and also the Cheltenham Races. We always make the most of the Literature Festival each year! This year Amy and I went to hear Youtuber, Author and Westend star, Carrie Hope Fletcher talk about her book All I Know Now which I reviewed and will link here. Carrie is a serious role model and idol to me so I was very excited and a little star struck to meet her…which you can probably tell from the pictures…

Firstly Carrie was interviewed in front of about 150-200 people (including us… we were right at the back but that didn’t matter…) She stuck me with her witty humor and I can only describe her as an old soul, she was just like a wise owl, but she’s only 23! The interview started with her reading an extract from her book about how she got chased by a bear, she managed to make us laugh and seriously think in the space of a minute which was very commendable, and also I totally had a freak out when she started singing (she honestly has the most amazing voice!) From her interview it is easy to see how she is the “big sister” of the internet with her fantastic advice and morals, I SO WISH SHE WAS MY BIG SISTER! I found myself nodding along and agreeing with everything she was saying, she kept saying she waffles but I couldn’t disagree more, I thought everything she said was cleverly crafted and well thought out, which is extremely impressive considering she thought up all her answers on the spot! She also talked about her new book On The Other Side which is a fiction book and sounds very interesting and I will definitely read and review when it is out!

There were also some quick fire questions which I tried to write down but I couldn’t quite catch all of them. Carrie’s fictional boyfriend would be Neville Longbottom and her favourite heroine would be Hermione Granger, both, of course, from Harry Potter, but she did specify that it was a very hard decision to make! Her favourite author is Andrew Kaufman, her favourite cake is coffee and walnut (controversial) and her favourite Youtube channel that hasn’t got lots of Subscribers is Good Mythical Morning. There were also some fab audience questions (I was going to ask one but I froze and couldn’t think of anything!) but the answers that were gained from the Q&A was that if you want to get into acting she does suggest going to drama school because it’s much easier to get an agent! A question that was asked was if she regrets not doing A Levels and her answer was she doesn’t regret it because she’s been able to do all she wanted without them but she wishes she was more educated and clever!

After the interview, Amy and I waited in a queue for 30 minutes to get our books signed by Carrie! It was so exciting (I was actually shaking!) and when we got to the front she so lovely asking how we were… I was a little star struck and acted like a deer in headlights, so at least Amy was speaking coherently! We had such a wonderful time and we would suggest anyone who lives close to Cheltenham to go because it’s absolutely fab!

I hope you enjoyed this different little post! We will hopefully go to more of these kinds of events in the future so do let us know if you want us to do this again!

I will leave my book review of Carrie’s book here

I will also leave a link to her youtube channel here because she’s honestly my favourite!

All I Know Now – Carrie Hope Fletcher

This is probably one of the most helpful books I have ever read. It is full of great advice on growing up and gives you some big sisterly advice that I really needed to hear.This was written by one of my most favourite Youtubers, Carrie Hope Fletcher or ItsWayPastMyBedTime, unlike some of the books written my Youtubers, I genuinely bought this book to see if it would help me in anyway… and it certainly did.

For those who don’t know, Carrie is a very talented singer who is currently playing Eponine in the very successful musical Les Miserables (and wow she can sing!), with her very busy schedule she manages to make AMAZING Youtube videos and now she’s managed to write a book! Where does she find the time?!?This book is a teenage handbook to try and make this confusing and complicated part of our life seem a little more straight forward, and to help us not make the same mistakes as Carrie did.

I really did learn a lot from this book, I just wish I had it when I was about 11 or 12 and not 17, so that the previous 6 years could have been a little less bumpy! This book was kind of like a warm hug, gently telling me that everything is going to be okay, and that the teen age is survivable (amazingly). It was like true and honest big sisterly advice, and being born with an older brother instead of an older sister, this advice was much appreciated! It was really colloquial to read, it was almost like a humongous blog post (and I think it’s pretty obvious as to how much we all love blogging!) and because it was so casual it really felt as though she was talking to you personally. There were many British-isums though that I’m not sure people in other countries will understand, but, to be it made it feel really friendly.From Carrie’s videos, I felt like I knew her anyway, but now I feel as though we’re genuine friends even though we’ve never met.

Another thing that I really love is that it is full with really cool little quirky drawings (Drawn by Carrie herself, I swear is there anything this woman can’t do? Eternally jealous!) They’re just super cute and really reflect the chapters and everything they represent. Some of the chapters in this book include help with love, school, that school bully, and just life in general. It’s just so bloomin’ helpful! It’s also filled with funny, heart-warming and heart-breaking personal stories that will really make you think your teenage years were a little paddling pool, compared to Carrie’s Atlantic Ocean, it honestly puts everything into perspective.

There is so much I could say about this book and so many amazing aspects, but I don’t want to waffle on… I just really enjoyed this book, I have actually decided to make my future children (if I have future children that is…) read it because it will make their teenage years feel so much less daunting and scary. Although it wasn’t the fastest read for me, as I’m more of a fast pace, high action book lover, it was a real worthwhile read that anyone will benefit from reading!

I’m going to award it 5 out of 5 stars, it helped me a lot, thanks Carrie.