X Men: Apocalypse – Trailer Reaction

This post is a bit late but on Friday the first trailer for ‘X Men: Apocalypse’ was released and it looks amazing!

Brian Singer is back and it looks like he’s made another action packed and badass film. The build up of the action in the trailer is certainly dramatic and from the very beginning of the trailer we are thrown into this action with a vision of the end of the world from Jean Grey. But this is only the beginning as throughout the trailer we are thrown into the action left, right and centre!

Charcter wise we were able to see some familiar faces as well as some new faces like Jean Grey, Cyclopse, Storm, Angel, Jubilee and Nightcrawler (the list is endless) all of whom look totally badass especially in their suits! Another thing I thought was clever was that we never fully see Apocalypse (Oscar Issac) which makes me even more excited to see when the film is released. His ‘four horsemen’ also looked really cool and I can’t wait to see them in action. It looks like Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) again gets a large role in this film thanks to the trailer but I can’t stop seeing her as a blonde Katniss as she takes control in leading all the other young mutants.

I have to admit my favourite scene has to be which looks like the final battle with all the mutants which allows us to witness all their powers and I am positive that Brian Singer will certainly make this scene dramatic and bold with special effects. I hope I wasn’t the only one who freaked out at the end when the doors opened and their was Charles but he was bald!

X Men: Apocalypse is certainly one of many films which I am really excited to see next year when it is released! What did you think?

Endgame: The Calling – James Frey

Oooo I did enjoy this book, it was so exciting and intense, even though I started back at school and have less time, I still wizzed through it!

The story of this book is quite difficult to describe but I’m going to try my best…it’s about the events leading up to the end of the world, the fate of the world and the decision on who lives is decided through Endgame which is a game played by the direct descendants of the original ‘lines’ of the first humans on earth, all of whom are aged between 13-20. For example there are players from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania ect. These players have been trained since birth to play in Endgame but nobody knows when the game will be activated, it has been the same way for thousands of years. There can only be one winner of Endgame, all the other players will die. The player who wins will secure the survival of their entire ‘line’ during the impending apocalypse, so no pressure…

This book had a very Hunger Games feel to it, but in my opinion it was even more exciting as there is more to play for and there is action right from the beginning. As soon as you start this book you’re thrown into the crazy world of Endgame as it is being activated, things explode and people die in the first chapter, I don’t think I have ever been so hooked by a book before!

One thing that I really loved about this book is all the different perspectives, there are chapters in the perspective of all the players of Endgame. This makes the story really exciting because it’s like a new story every chapter from a different person in a different country. However they are all cleverly linked with the different clues that they know and their ultimate goal. Although it did take a while to get used to all the different perspectives because I kept forgetting who each person was and where they were from, but after a few chapters with them and you learn more about their characters it was easier to remember. Also, there was never a character that I didn’t want to know about or to find out more of what they were doing because they were all doing such cool things, but there were a few that I was cheering along more than others…

I think the characters are one of the best things about this book, I don’t want to describe any because I think, if you read it, you should form your own individual opinions on the different characters because any of them could be your favourite… well except for the real dick heads that don’t even deserve to be named… All the characters are all really feisty and badass, but also brave and (some are) kind.

The ending was so up in the air, I had no clue what would happen! It was a little bit sad but not enough to make me cry (if you know what I mean), but if you cry easily then perhaps keep some tissues on standby, because I’m sure someone has cried at this ending in the past… Although as I was getting towards the end of this book I realised that there wasn’t enough pages for Endgame to finish completely… which is a little annoying because I really want to know who wins!! I guess I’ll just go and get the second book… The ending was also quite confusing, not all of my questions were answered which kind of annoyed me, but I suppose it’s just another excuse to buy the sequel!

I really LOVED this book! If you enjoy things like the Hunger Games then you will love this book! It is packed will intense action and cryptic riddles that I had no hope of solving! I’m going to award this book a 5 out of 5 stars, a cracking read!

The Death Cure – James Dashner

I always worry about the final book in a series. And as always it was bittersweet. I LOVED this series of books, I really did and I have to be honest the ending was… satisfactory. So this book is the final instalment of The Maze Runner series, I’m sure lots of you have heard of The Maze Runner, it was a massive book to movie adaptation that has recently blasted the Hollywood box office. Anyway there are three books in the whole series (plus a prequel but for that review my friends you will have to sit tight, it will be coming soon) and The Death Cure is the final book *cries*. If you want to check out some reviews for the first two books in the series I shall link them here (The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials).

So this book follows more of the exciting tails of Thomas and his friends after the maze and also their survival of the scorch trials.  By this stage they’re desperate to escape from WCKD (which I’ve been pronouncing ‘Wicked’ so I hope that’s right…) and this book really extenuates their trials and tribulations with doing this. I really don’t want to spoil anything so I will just say that there are some MASSIVE plot twists throughout the book, which I have becoming to expect from Dashner’s writing. Also there were some tragic secrets that were kept by WCKD that now get uncovered, just a disclaimer, it made me sob… a lot…

It was a really good story and I felt it continued well from the second book however there were some elements that I thought were a little unnecessary, this is my personal opinion and so you guys may completely disagree with me (and feel free) but I did feel as though there were bits that were just rather pointless. One of those bit’s I’m afraid to say was the ending. Errrg it really irritated me. This is just my personal opinion but it was just too simple. I wouldn’t say it was predictable because predictable implies that you knew what the ending was before you finish it (derrr) but it was so simple that I wasn’t expecting it from this story and especially not from Dashner’s writing. If I wasn’t already familiar with Dashner’s writing (as most are when reading the third and final book in a series) then I probably could have predicted it…I really hope that made sense and wasn’t as though my brain was sick all over the page, because that’s what it’s feeling like at the moment… so sorry if it was.

That was my main grievance of the book. I promise you that the rest of the book is fantastic! So if you’ve read the first two books, please to read the last one because it honestly ties a whole lot of loose ends and is rather essential in the entire story. I’m going to award this book a 4 out of 5 stars, I really did enjoy it (except the ending). Also if your new to the whole trilogy please, please have a look at the reviews of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, they’re linked right there and also at the top of this review. They’re all fantastic books.

Grasshopper Jungle- Andrew Smith

This is one of those books that I really wanted to like, I’d heard such good things and was going in with high expectations which is always the kiss of death with, well, anything really. However I just couldn’t get myself to like it very much, I do actually have reasons for my dislike and on the other hand I do have praise for it but in the grand scheme of things I just wasn’t a fan so please don’t judge me or hold me to anything, this is just my opinion…

For people who don’t know this book follows the story of two sixteen year olds that accidentally unleash an unstoppable army of giant grasshoppers. This is what really made me want to read this book, just to find out how this crazy plot line can come into being and how they were going to solve or maintain this rather large and serious problem, I have to admit I couldn’t have predicted it… it’s rather strange and if I say so myself, rather inventive…

Let’s start on the positives, I really liked the characters. I thought it was a really refreshing idea to have a protagonist who is sexually confused because I personally haven’t seen that in YA fiction and it was really eye opening to see their trials and tribulations though their teenage life. However some of the things that were said and divulged to the audience was, for my liking, too detailed, I think I said “I did not need to know that” about 50 times during this book, I know it’s all part of the story and I know that’s what makes up the character, but it did make me feel awkward at times (by the way if this is how boys think I’m intrigued yet totally disgusted at the same time)

On a lighter note I thought the ending couldn’t have been better (for the circumstances they were in), I don’t want to give too much away because of spoilers but the ending really summed up the story nicely. It did also pick up towards the end as well. It became more fast pace and more exciting as new intelligence is uncovered in the story, although up until then it was quite slow and the story just kind of plodded along, and this, if i’m honest was the first 3/4 of the book so it did take me a while to get through. However I was pleasantly surprised with the ending.

Another little nit pick I have against this book was that it was quite confusing. It would jump to what other people are doing with no breaks or gaps so I did find it quite hard to figure out what was really going on… this may just be me being stupid though. In contrast an aspect I respected was that everything was from one characters point of view and you were literally inside his head almost listening to his thoughts which I thought was a rather clever idea…

Overall I wasn’t really a big fan, which i’m annoyed about because I really wanted to be as it was a good story and a good idea, but I just couldn’t warm to it. Feel free to read this and completely disagree with everything I’ve just said as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you do want to read this book make sure it’s OK with your parents if you’re under 16, there is explicit content.  I’m going to award this book two and a half out of five stars, it pains me to give such a low rating for a book that so many people love, so if you’re one of those people I’m sorry but I have to be honest.