Oscars Review 2017 – Fashion, Winners and Mix Ups!


I know this post is a little late but I thought after everything that happened at the Oscars this year, I think it deserved a review and plus I really wanted to share my opinion of the night as it’s one of my favourite events of the year!

Fashion – I loved pretty much all the fashion this year and I didn’t think there were any fashion disasters. My favourite looks were from Taraji P Henson who wore a navy off-the-shoulder velvet gown which was just stunning and a real classic oscar look and Emma Stone whose gold flapper really stole the show. Other favourites also included Brie Larson, Isabelle Huppert and Alui’i Cravalho. Finally, when it comes to the men, I thought they all looked really handsome and plus I’m a sucker for a man in a suit!

Winners – If I’m honest I really wanted La La Land to win Best Picture but I’m glad Moonlight won because it was a very good film focusing on an important topic. And the only other award that I was disappointed with the winner was the winner for Best Actor which was rewarded to Casey Affleck which should have been awarded to Ryan Gosling! He was robbed! Apart from that, I was really happy with all the winners especially the award for Costume Design which went to Fantastic Beasts, yay!

The Biggest Blunder in Oscar History – When I watched what happened in the morning, I was shocked but also super annoyed because one of the most prestigious awards shows had just been made a joke of. Plus I felt terrible for the cast of La La Land how horrible that must of been having their award was taken away but I was so impressed how gracious they all were, that’s the beauty of Hollywood!

Oscars – Biased Predictions 2017


Yes, it’s that time of year again, awards season. This is my favourite time of year as I’m a huge fan of film and I love to see the all the celebrities get dressed up on the red carpet and most importantly see who receives which awards. Last year, I did a post like this and because I enjoyed doing it so much I thought I’d share my predictions again, so without further ado let’s get on with the post! Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments or if you’ve done a similar post then let us know!

Best Picture – Every year I try at least to watch all the Oscar nominated films and for the first time I’ve managed to watch all of them and written reviews for some of them! I would hate to have the job at picking the winner because all of these nominations were just fantastic however if I wanted anyone to win the Oscar it would be either La La Land or Arrival but I’m putting my money more on La La Land.

Actor in a Leading RoleRyan Gosling was the easy choice for this, due to his incredible performance in La La Land and his amazing piano playing skills. I was also surprisingly impressed with Viggo Mortensen performance in Captain Fantastic but I think it’s unlikely that he will win.

Actress in a Leading Role – How can it not be Emma Stone? She is just incredible and clearly, deserves the Oscar for best female role because again her performance in La La Land was just so joyful and emotional. I would also love for Amy Adams, O wait she didn’t get nominated which I think is an outrage because her performances in Arrival and Nocturnal Animals were both awards worthy. I’ll stop myself there before my rant get’s out of control!

Actor in a Supporting RoleDev Patel provides a deeply empathic role in Lion which I can guarantee will have you in tears and I have to admit I think it’s one of his strongest performances to date and deserves the Oscar! Finger crossed!

Actress in a Supporting RoleOctavia Spencer’s performance in Hidden Figures was so good and I wish both Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monáe could both be nominated and win because those three together was perfect!

Best Director  – I apologise that most of my predictions are either for Arrival and La La Land but they some of my favourite films of this year! As no surprise, I’d love either Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) or Damien Chazelle (La La Land) to win.

Music Original Song – Audition (The Fools That Dream) from La La Land has been on repeat since I saw the film a couple of weeks ago. Everything about this song is beautiful from the lyrics to Emma Stones brilliant execution. If you haven’t yet listened to the La La Land soundtrack, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now!

Oscars – Biased Predictions 2016




Yes, it’s that time of year again- awards season. This is my favourite time of year as I’m a huge fan of film and I love to see the all the celebrities get dressed up on the red carpet and most importantly see who receives which awards. So, this year I thought we should make our own (biased) predictions for this year’s Oscars. For the full list of Oscar Nominees then visit the Official Website here!

Best Picture – This year the competition for Best Picture is fierce and even I’m having trouble picking a favourite to win as I think every film nominated is fantastic! I’ve haven’t seen yet ‘Bridge of Spies’ or ‘The Big Short’ but I’ve seen everything else and if I have to pick a winner then it’s going to be ‘The Revenant’ or  ‘Spotlight’ but I would love ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ to win!

Best Actor – I think it is obvious who we all want to win this year..Leonardo D’Caprio! This is his 6th nomination and I really do hope he finally wins, I think it would be cruel of the Academy if they didn’t give him one!

Best Actress – God, I’m struggling with each category as there are so many incredible Actors and Actresses nominated! After a lot of consideration I think Brie Larson will win as her work in ‘Room’ was incredible and was such a powerful performance. Oh but then there is Jennifer Lawrence who I adore, this is becoming a lot harder than I expected!

Best Supporting Actor – Tom Hardy or Sylvester Stallone. Again another case where I would be happy to see either Actor win but if I had to pick one it would be Stallone to win for ‘Creed’ as he never one an Oscar for ‘Rocky’ and I think now is the time!

Best Supporting Actress – I love this category this year because it’s such a great mix of exciting newcomers and legendary veterans and if I could pick a winner it would either be Alicia Vikander or Kate Winslet.  I think Alicia is a brilliant newcomer who I loved in both Ex Machina and The Danish Girl but then theres Kate who has always been wonderful and I never fail to enjoy her work!

Best Director – Alejandro G. Iñárritu again has to win this award not only for his incredible film but for his unique and powerful filming. As well as this I also loved ‘Mad Max’ so I wouldn’t mind if George Miller won but I’m putting my money on Alejandro.

Best Adapted Screenplay – For this award I would pick ‘Brooklyn’ as it was such a lovely film and all I need to do now is read the book. As much as I want it to win for Best Picture, I think it’s got a better chance of winning this award instead.

Best Original Screenplay – ‘Ex Machina’ or ‘Inside Out’ are both fantastic films and I would be really pleased to see either of these films win!

That’s some my biased predictions! Do you agree/disagree? I will be watching the Oscars, but living in the UK makes it difficult due to timings and I’ve got exams tomorrow morning but that won’t stop me from catching up on all the fashion and awards tomorrow evening! Eeeeek I’m excited!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – World Premiere in Berlin


I can’t believe this series is coming to an end, oh it’s like Harry Potter all over again. I love these films and it’s cast is the best cast ever! Tonight saw the beginning of many worldwide premieres, but starting firstly in Berlin for it’s world premiere. Even though it was in German, I did watch the live-stream and if you missed it it can be found here. Anyway, it was really enjoyable to watch the cast not only answer lots of really interesting questions but also mess around and be their loveable selves!

One of the things though I did love to hear was how much fun the cast had shooting all theses films and learning more about the friendships they made with each other! The interviews (which were very short) did enable the cast to talk about their characters transition and development which was really interesting and it was nice to see how attached everyone was with their characters and how none of them wanted it to end. You and me together.

Fashion wise, I thought they all looked fabulous! We have a very stylish cast! I thought all the gents looked very handsome in their suits and as for the ladies I wish I had all their dresses. If I had to pick a favourite I would pick Jennifer’s long wine coloured dress and Elizabeth’s stunning floral number! But everyone looked equally stunning. If you want to check out the fashion or just see pictures from the premiere you can find them here.

Tomorrow is the London premiere and there’s no doubt we will both be watching that however through the live-stream! The lifestream for that can usually be found on Yahoo but if not check out the Official Mockingjay Twitter page for links! Will you be watching?