My Favourite Books With Yellow Covers | Summer Edition

It’s officially SUMMER! In celebration of this wonderful season, I thought I’d add to this series and gather some of my favourite yellow books into another colourful post!

The colour yellow was made for contempaory romance novels and are perfect editions to brighten up any bookshelf! It’s dangerous writing these posts, as I tend to fall in love with all these covers and end up convincing myself that I need them on my bookshelf! The dream one day is to have a wall of rainbow bookshelves but at this moment in time i’ll have to settle for a very colourful Amazon/Waterstones basket!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this ascetically pleasing collection of beautiful book covers and that this post brightens up your day! Enjoy!

Sunshine Yellow

I just love how bright and cheery these covers are, they instantly make me smile! One of my favourites has to be the Summer Days and Summer Nights cover with all the character cameos, it’s adorable and the perfect lighthearted read for this season.

Golden Yellow

This post is dominated by romance novels so I thought I’d throw in a few fantasy favourites! I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Bear and the Nightingale trilogy, so I might have to treat myself on payday!

Bright Yellow

These books make a bold statement and command attention!

Soft Lemon Yellow

Don’t be fooled by some of these adorable and innocent looking covers, One by Sarah Crossan and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini will break your heart. These two powerful and honest reads stayed with me long after finishing them and both left me with a broken heart, so be sure to have the tissue at the ready!

Rhubarb and Custard

These books are just as sweet as these confectionary treats! This year I plan to fill my summer with lots of adorable romance novels and these five are 100% on my list!

Electric Banana Yellow

I’d like to think that I look as glamorous as Meddy on the cover for Dial A for Aunties but I’m more like the It’s All Absolutely Fine cover! These books are bold, they are beautiful, and will definitely make your day a little brighter!

Ikea Yellow

When I think of blue and yellow my mind instantly thinks of Ikea? I think it’s because I’m dreaming of getting another Billy bookshelf and that I’m desperate to go on a little spending spree there. There’s just something about blue and yellow that just goes together like tea and biscuits, they compliment each other beautifully and are some of my favourites on this list!

Bumblebee Yellow

Be warned these books sting! These intense and soul shaking reads surprised me, I went into these books completely blind they were’t at all what I was expecting, in a good way!

Friendship Yellow

A yellow rose represents friendship, and these covers also prove that two is better than one. I need It is Wood, It is Stone by Gabriella Burnham on my bookshelf ASAP, that cover is beautiful and after reading through all the reviews it’s definitely a book I know I’m going to love!


14 thoughts on “My Favourite Books With Yellow Covers | Summer Edition

  1. Yellow is one of my fave colours so these covers are all so pretty – such a fun post and I’ll have to check out so many of these! Dial A for Aunties and Yolk especially sound so good.

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