A Fangirl’s Opinion – A Year in Review 2020

It’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t been the best year for anyone, but I’m trying my best to look at the positives and celebrate the ‘little’ wins. This post is a little different than usual but I want to take the time to reflect on everything thing that has happened this year and plan out the next step in my blogging journey!

This year the UK has experienced various national lockdowns, which meant that I’ve had all this extra time on my hands and to keep myself busy I’ve been investing this time into my blog and reading goals. By channeling all this additional time and energy I’ve finally (for the first tine in years) managed to maintain some sort of consistent blogging schedule! At the start of the month I created a spreadsheet to help stay organised during Blogmas, and it’s been so helpful that it’s something I’m going to adopt permanently, I’m already so organised for January 2021 and have got lots fun posts planned!

Over these past three months I’ve also seen a huge surge in my views and engagements and I’d like to think that’s down to my content and the fact that I’m starting to see blogging as fun escape again rather than a ‘job’. All this time has also helped me reignite my own creativity and publish a range of unique posts that I’m proud of. I’m starting to discover who I am as a blogger and I’m eager to see what 2021 brings!

Some of my favourite posts of this year include:

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7 Books Written During NaNoWriMo

Blog Posts I Loved This Month | October

My Favourite Book Covers of 2020

It still amazes me that this little blog keeps on growing in size! I started the year with just over 500 followers and I’m ending the year with 648 of us! I’ve managed to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world and I look forward to discovering more bloggers next year! I also want to use this as an opportunity to thank EVERYONE for their continued support, it’s so rewarding hearing that people are enjoying my posts and I’m honoured to be apart of this incredible blogging community!

Not only has this been one of my best blogging years but I’ve also managed to read a total of 42 books, surpassing my original Goodreads goal of 35 books!

I’ve also discovered StoryGraph this year, and it’s the perfect platform for any reader. I love all the different graphs it creates based on your reading habits and it’s a great way to reflect on all your different reading styles and genres. It’s not a surprise to see that my top genres for 2020 was young adult fantasy but it’s nice to see more classics, memoirs and contemporary fiction making an appearance!

It’s clear that I like my reading moods like I like my fictional boyfriends, dark, mysterious and emotional as well as always being up for an adventure! Also it did make me giggle that ‘reflective’ was another one of my main reading moods this year, which was completely unintentional but one of my favourite styles of the year.

I wish you all the best for the New Year and lets hope 2021 is a good one!

Happy Reading!

Amy X


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