7 Reasons to Watch Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Happy Blogmas Day 4!

Stop what you’re doing and put this show on now, I can guarantee that it will instantly improve your mood and will start putting you in the festive spirit! This magical christmassy YA adventure has finally got its TV adaptation and it everything you need for a cosy winters night. All eight episodes, capture the whirlwind romance between the cynical Dash and the optimistic Lily, as they trade dares, dreams and desires in a little red notebook that hide in different locations across New York City! Yes, this is an adorable teenage love story but it is also a story about stepping out of your comfort zone and one which everyone can enjoy.

If that hasn’t sold you, then here’s 7 reasons why Dash and Lily needs to be on your watchlist this December!

All the Adorable Chrismassy Vibes

Christmas this year is a little different, and I know I’m not the only one when I admit that I not feeling very festive yet, but this show fixed everything and reminded me why I love this time of the year! The show embodies everything wonderfully magical about Christmas but you don’t have to love Christmas to enjoy it!

The Characters

When it comes to Christmas, you’re either a Dash or a Lily. And I’m 100% a Lily! I’m always skeptical when adaptations bring beloved characters to life but I was pleasantly surprise and I can’t praise the casting enough! I hadn’t heard of either of the actors that play Dash and Lily, but they’ve definitely made their mark and are now on my radar!

Midori Francis as Lily is genius, everything about her makes her such a heartwarming and loveable character who steps out of her comfort zone and learns to believe in herself. Her journey throughout the show and battle with insecurities was beautifully intimate and resonated with me on a personal level. Again, the casting for Dash was spot on! Austin Abrams carries the perfect amount of festive cynicism and youthful uncertainty that enables him to fall in love with the girl in the pages and to let himself be whisked away by light-hearted dares.

New York at Christmas

It’s been a dream of mine to one day visit New York during the festive period but with everything going on this year, I’ll settle for the next best thing. Both the book and the show are a love letter to the city and takes us on a journey through the streets of NYC as they attempt to complete each other’s increasingly elaborate dares. The city comes alive with festive magic and celebrates the beauty and hidden gems of the city. We also get to experience the ionic wonder of the The Strand, a place every reader has on their bucket list! I don’t want to spoil anything but that end scene was GOALS!

All The Different Relationships

Not only do we get to experience Dash and Lily’s blossoming relationships, but Lily’s brother Langston’s. Just like me he’s a hopeless romantic and loves to play the matchmaker role alongside his boyfriend Benny. Their dynamic relationship and blossoming romance was one of my favourite elements of the entire show and never failed to put a smile on my face! They help Lily discover the courage to make the notebook and continue on this romantic and festive adventure.

The Perfect Binge Watch

Each episode is only 25 mins long and are so easy to watch, making them the perfect show for either casual viewing or an evening binge watch. I will confess that I watched the entire series in one evening and it definitely helped me get into the Christmas spirit!

It’s a GOOD YA Adaptation

I beginning to trust Netflix more when it comes to adapting beloved YA adventures, and this was no exception! I will admit its been years since I read the book but there are elements I instantly remember when I saw them on screen! Of course there’s a little bit of tweaking and a fresh take on things but I thought they did a really good job at creating a unique and adorable Christmas romance that everyone can enjoy.

The Soundtrack

One of the most underrated elements of any TV show and if you’re ever struggling to find a playlist to listen too, then search your favourite TV shows! It’s got the perfect mix of Christmas classics, Joni Mitchell and some new favourites. Plus we get a cameo from The Jonas Brothers and a snippet of their new Christmas anthem ‘Like It’s Christmas’!


6 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Watch Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

  1. yes!! i just finished watching this around a week ago, and i completely agree with all of your points 💗 the binge watch one is especially relatable because i finished all the episodes in 2 days!! – haha, i also loved the jonas brothers cameo, and all the scenes that took place in the strand!! lovely post ❤

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