Third Time’s the Try? – NaNoWriMo 2020

I deliberate over this decision every year. On the one hand I’ve got all these ideas and untitled drafts that I want to bring to life but on the other hand I don’t know if I really want to put myself through an entire month of intense writing. BUT, one of my aims for this year was to work on my writing, so I’m going to throw logic and reason out of the window and give it a shot, third times the try, right? Plus I’ve just bought a new laptop, so what better way to break it in than writing 50,000 words!

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and runs through the entire month on November with the aim to encourage its participants to start their novel and write a grand total of 50,000 words! It’s a wonderful event that brings together the writing community and although we’re all unable to meet up this year, organisers have scheduled little Zoom chats so everyone can get involved! If this sounds like something you want to attempt then I’ll leave a link to the website here!

I participated in NaNoWriMo way back in 2017 (and attempted it again last year, but we won’t talk about that) and managed to reach 25,000 words, which, with no planning, I thought was pretty good! I’ve already accepted that I probably won’t reach 50,000 words, so my personal aim this year is to reach 30,000 and to work on a) my untitled fantasy book, b) my flash fiction and finally c) my trashy highlander book for a friend!

All the way back in 2017 I started writing the first few chapters of my fantasy adventure and over the years I’ve fallen out of love with the story and struggled to find an ending. Flash-forward three years, and I’m back with another idea! There are elements and characters I’ve kept from my 2017 draft, as I couldn’t leave them trapped in my forgotten drafts folders and I’m actually really excited about this story!

My flash fiction is another thing I’ve forgotten about over the years and its time I start bringing my ideas to life! Flash fiction for those who don’t know is a piece of fiction characterised as being only a couple of hundred words, that sometimes centres around a snap-shot filled with open-ended questions and a shroud of mystery. I was first introduced to the format whilst studying it at university and instantly fell in love with its ability to hold so much story and possibility within only a couple of hundred words and knew it was something I wanted to try and replicate. Again I’ve got loads of ideas and first lines, all I need to do now is finish them!

Earlier this year I was introduced to the wonderfully trashy world of highlander romance novels, everything about them is fabulous! My love for them has also extended to one of my good friends from university and fellow ‘Reading Between the Wines’ book club founder. It has now become a tradition that every time we meet up we gift each other with the ‘best’ highlander book we can find! The joke has even gone as far as planning our own book, so as a Christmas gift I want to surprise her with the first few chapters!

I know I’ve set myself up with lots of projects but I wanted to be able to switch writing styles depending on my mood! One of my biggest challenges last time I participated was my lack of confidence and that horrible shadow of doubt that echos your fears of not being good enough. I know that I’ll never be able to banish that feeling but I’ve learned to remind myself that this whole experience is just a bit of fun and that my writing IS good enough! So if you’re also participating this year then always remember that, your story is important and deserves to be shared, I believe in you! Good luck!


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