Cursed (Netflix) – TV Series Review

*Major Spoilers Ahead*

Arthurian legends have always held a special place in my heart, especially due to my love of the BBC show, Merlin. So when Netflix released the trailer for their new re-imagining of such a beloved tale, I was instantly intrigued and filled with high expectations. Sadly, I was majorly let down and I’m gutted!

All legends are easily adaptable, giving writers the ability and freedom to craft unique storylines that are filled with a cast of characters whose paths are destined to intertwine. The casting for these characters was great but what they really lacked was depth and understanding, I wanted so more from these characters and more about the different cultures within their world. I wish they explored the different types of fey and I would have loved more from the Viking storyline, but we only just brushed the surface!

Also they need to stop killing off all the interesting and minor characters, I understand that there needs to be some deaths to fuel characters motivation and revenge but these were not necessary. The shows writers tease us with these new characters and their budding relationships with major characters and then they’re shot down by the enemy? If you’re going to kill them off at least give us more of a relationship with them. Speaking of relationships, Langford’s chemistry with Terrell was an element I really enjoyed, the two star-crossed lovers relationship is delicately well paced and was one of the most genuine relationships throughout the entire show.

The cut-aways were also beautiful, but were used ineffectively, as they made the show feel disconnected and slow. There are so many intricate yet dull storylines and what needs to be worked on, if there’s going to be a second season, is the show-creators storytelling ability and that bridge between the character and the audience.

Another element I enjoyed were the fight scenes, especially those involving the ‘Weeping Monk’ as they were epic, well-paced and choreographed beautifully. I’m always fond of the villain, and I found myself wanting more scenes with the ‘Weeping Monk’, he was one of the only characters (along with little Squirrel) who I enjoyed watching.

Anyway, I’m curious to see if there will be a second season and if they’ll work on the audiences feedback, as I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about the show. Let me know what you thought about the show in the comments below!


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