Cleaning Up My Goodreads

For years my Goodreads account has been an unorganised embarrassment and a platform which I have failed to used to its full potential, but recently I’ve been trying to organise and update everything (including my life)! My account was so disorganised that I had to delete my account and start afresh, but that meant that I had to loose all of my friends/followers! I always enjoy discovering new reads and seeing what other people are reading and I particularly enjoying looking at different peoples reading challenges! I would love it if you could leave your Goodread’s account in the comments below so I finally start playing a more active role in the bookish community!

My GoodreadsAmy Whittaker (A Fangirls Opinion)

My Reading Challenge – 26 Books. I only started this challenge half way through the year so I wanted to set a realistic goal. But by the looks of things I hope to pass this goal fairly soon, so I might bump my target up to 36!

Currently Reading – Muse of Nightmares by Laine Taylor


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