Crimes of Grindelwald Film Review – 12 Days of Blogmas


*Caution Ahead Major Spoiler Warning*

I am a huge fan of this entire franchise so I tend to get very excited when titles, trailers and eventually the film is released and that means that I go into these films with high expectations. Therefore it pains me to say that I really didn’t like this film. I love all these characters so it was great to enter back into the wizarding world which was plastered in hidden nods to the other films and significant characters but there was something missing.

J.K Rowling already warned us that these films would be getting darker which wasn’t a problem for me. That was the case before I watched the film and saw that all the darkness had basically snubbed out any of the wonderful magic and fun that we had in the first one. The circus scene for instance only lasted a couple of minutes but I wanted more, I wanted to explore this unique and creative part of the wizarding world. That’s another thing about this film which is that there was almost too much going on but at the same time, not enough. Everything felt a bit cramped and jumpy and I think that’s because there were too many subplots which in turn weren’t explored enough.

Jacob and Queenie are some of my all time favourties but they barely got any screen time together. And the same goes for Newt and Tina, I wanted to see their relationship develop but instead, it felt like they were both strangers whose main priority was to solve a case quickly. Now let’s talk about Leta Lestrange. She was such a complex and interesting character that we deserved to see more of and I don’t understand why they killed her off in general and so early on in the franchise. We were just beginning to understand her and her relationships with the Scamander brothers. In my opinion, it was the biggest mistake of the film.

The entire film was basically an extended episode of Who Do You Think You Are as we follow Credence in his search for his birth mother and true identity, a reveal that by the end of the film I didn’t really care about. I will admit I certainly didn’t expect the ending but it wasn’t one that I liked. It actually really frustrated me because it doesn’t make sense, a lot of Dumbledore’s past has been explained so I don’t understand how you could miss out another brother! Anyway I’m curious to see where they’re going to take this storyline and I really hope they can redeem themselves with the next film.


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