My 21st Birthday Trip to Edinburgh – 12 Days of Blogmas


I’ve been dying to go to Edinburgh for years now and I promised myself that for my 21st birthday I would go and experience this wonderful city and I did! Edinburgh is probably my favourite city in the entire world, everything about it is wonderful, there are so many hidden places and historical aspects that captured my heart so much so that I am now applying to hopefully complete a masters there next year (fingers crossed!)! It was the first trip I’ve taken with my university housemates so I was a little worried about everything was going to go but all of them helped make it such a special trip and we’re already planning where we’re going next!

We stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb right on Princes Street which is right in the center of Edinburgh and was the perfect base camp as it meant everything was nice and close. It also meant that we could cook a few meals for ourselves as well having a well-sized place where we could all chill and have a giggle! We were also really fortunate with the weather and it only started raining as we left, so I’ve got loads beautiful pictures of the city all with clear blue skies!

We were only staying for three days so as soon as we arrived I turned into a serious tourist with a schedule and list of places I needed to visit before we left. On the top of my list was, of course, Edinburgh Castle which was just absolutely stunning and provided some beautiful views of the entire city. There’s just something about castles that I love, the history behind them and even thinking about life when the castle was inhabited has my imagination running wild.

Another place on the list was the National Museum of Scotland that was home to the one and only Dolly the Sheep who was the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell. I didn’t know what to expect from the museum as was worried that some of my friends would find it boring but we all absolutely loved the place especially their animal and fashion exhibits! We could have happily spent hours there, so if you’re going up to Edinburgh soon then definitely add the museum to your list of stops!

Many of you will already know that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so Edinburgh was a dream for any Potterhead! There are so many places that have connections not only to the books but also J.K Rowling herself, like the Elephant House Cafe where she wrote the first book! I also dragged my friends around Greyfriars Graveyard to try and find Tom Riddles Grave! One of my favourite spots in Edinburgh has to be Victoria Street which was the inspiration for Diagon Alley and is full of colourful buildings and adorable little shops. Also for Outlander fan,s there’s a lovely cut out of Jamie which is the perfect photo opportunity for any fan!

As for food and drink, I can’t recommend @Pizza enough, its the perfect place for a chilled and hearty meal! Here you’re able to customize your own pizza for a really reasonable price as well as being able to taste some of their delicious craft soda’s. The other place we fell in love with was Tigerlily a stunning cocktail bar that has a beautiful flower wall which was perfect for taking loads of photos!

It was such a wonderful trip and it’s always a good sign when neither you or your friends want to leave!


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