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Along with reading, listening to music is one of my favourite past times and I always need something to fill the silence, even when reading. I know many people hate listening to music when reading as its a distraction but for me, it helps enhance my imagination and helps turn the scenes into mini-movies in my head. My choice of music ranges across all genres one minute I could be listening to electronic dance music and the next the Narnia soundtrack that’s what makes my reading playlist so unexpected and diverse. Anyway, I thought I’d share my playlist with all of you in the hope that it will encourage you to add some of my favourites to your own and for me to discover new songs from your recommendations!

  1. Movie Soundtracks – The perfect thing about film scores is that they don’t have song lyrics so you won’t get caught up singing along and plus they are perfect for any scene! Scores I recommend are the Narina, Avatar and the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack or anything by Hanz Zimmer because he is a musical god!
  2. Coldplay – One of my favourite bands of all time and they have such a range of music in all their albums. I remember listening to their Ghost Stories album when I read Throne of Glass, and every time I hear ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ I think of Celaena and her adventures.
  3. George Ezra – Something a bit more peaceful and chilled than the others for more relaxed reading, you can never go wrong with a bit of George.
  4. Taylor Swift – Like Coldplay, Taylor has so many different styles. You’ve got old country Taylor, then pop Taylor and now badass no-shit Taylor so there is a perfect song for every scene and book! I can’t promise that there won’t be any singing or dancing though.
  5. Avicci – His music is perfect for that kick-ass fight scene or any high pace adventure.
  6. Sigrid – One of my new favourites who I’ve just discovered and her music is just so fun and upbeat! I can just picture myself reading a cute contemporary whilst listening to her album!

4 thoughts on “My Reading Playlist

  1. You are seriously talented! I find it so difficult to read and listen to music so I just don’t bother! I do love music, though, and actually many of the artists you mentioned – especially George Ezra! I’m going to see him live in a few week and I am SO excited!!

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