We’re Still Alive – An Update

It’s been far too long since we’ve posted on here or even been on WordPress to check our stats and other blogs posts, but that’s because we have both been super busy doing some exciting things! Both of us are studying hard and are currently in our second year of university, so our main focus has been on that, however, we both really want to get back into reading and writing interesting posts. Eleanor is still studying Midwifery and has been spending most of her time on a work placement which has involved her delivering lots of lovely babies. As for myself, I was lucky enough to get work experience at none other than Penguin Publishing, which was incredible and there will definitely be a post soon about my wonderful experience!

Both of us have really missed writing and posting on here so we’re planning just to ease ourselves back into our routine but this might mean one post a week rather than our previous three. We’ve also got exams and assessment deadlines coming up, but after those, we plan to start reading more of our own books, instead of textbooks and set reading. There are so many books that have been released, that I’m desperate to read so there won’t be a shortage of reviews when our exams are finally over. Instead of reading, I have been watching lots films and binging far too many TV Shows so you might be seeing lots of film reviews and TV recommendations to start off with while we catch up with our reading!

Anyway, we can’t wait to get back to regular posting and to getting back involved with the blogging community!


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