Places I Want to Visit Because of Books

I finish my second year of University in a week, which is terrifying but that then leaves me with three months to do whatever I want and I am desperate to use this time traveling to different places. This then got me thinking about real places I want to visit because of books and I thought it would be nice to share my list and find out what places you guys would love to visit too!

Paris – Anna and the French Kiss

I was lucky enough to go to Paris for my 18th Birthday and I’ve always had a deep love and passion for the city and French culture. Everything in Paris is just so beautiful and I remember visiting places they talked about in the book, like Point Zéro outside Notre Dame which is where all the distances in France are measured from. It is because of its beauty, culture, and history that I am desperate to visit Paris again and visit some of my favourite tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame. I wrote a blog post about my trip so feel free to check that out here!

Amsterdam – The Fault In Our Stars

If everything goes to plan this year I should be going to Amsterdam early next year with some University friends. Whilst there we plan to visit all the historical places such as Anne Franks House and of course I’ll visit the iconic TFIOS bench and ride a bike around the city because it is such a beautiful and fun city with hundreds of places to explore.

Scotland – Outlander

Mine and Eleanor’s dream is to one day do a trip up to Scotland and visit as many places as possible that feature in the TV show because we love this show sooooo much. I need to visit Jamie’s home, Lallybroch, Castle Leoch and finally, the stones at Craigh na Dun and maybe I’ll be transported back in time to find my own Jamie Fraser!

Hawaii – Everything, Everything

A place I probably won’t be visiting for a while yet, but Hawaii looks absolutely stunning and one day I hope to go swimming and snorkeling in the sea there because it is just so blue and clear. The whole island looks like a magical paradise and I can already picture myself lying in a hammock drinking a large cocktail or glass of wine!

New York (In Winter) – Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

New York is at the top of my bucket list destination wise and is a place I one day wish to visit with my mum and sister especially in the winter with all the Christmas decorations and lights. I’m a country bumpkin but I’ve always found big cities to be really magical and wonderful place despite the masses of crowds and traffic! I’d be a typical tourist and would want to do all the touristy things like visit Central Park and the Empire State building.


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