Our Favourite Fairy Tale Retellings


I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved a good old fashioned fairytale and when it comes to fairytale retellings, I’m all over them like a rash! I’m currently reading ‘Stealing Snow’ by Danielle Paige and I’m kind of enjoying it but not as much as others but fingers crossed it gets better soon! Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you and feel free to comment down below recommending me some of your favorites!

Cinder – Cinderella as a cyborg! Marissa Meyer is a genius, re-imagining of one of the most popular fairy tales and adapting it to a sci-fi universe. Set in the distant future in New Beijing, we follow the protagonist Cinder across a mysterious adventure uncovering things from her past and future whilst she tries to stay alive as well as handling a tricky love life. We all know the tale of Cinderella and this novel follows it but with many unexpected twists and turns!

Cruel Beauty – Cruel Beauty is a wonderfully written blend of Beauty and the Beast retelling and Greek mythology which is a combination of two of my favorite things and to top it off its characters were equally as wonderful and powerful, especially Nyx. This heart-breaking love story was full of twists and turns as well as sticking to the classic Beauty and the Beast storyline which I really enjoyed.

Dorothy Must Die – As you can possibly figure out from the title, the story is a continuation from the Wizard of Oz but things are very different from where the film/book left. It’s quite some time in the future and we’re introduced to Amy, a young girl in a bit of a situation at home and at school. One night when she’s left home alone a tornado hits, and guess what, her home flies up in the tornado and lands in the magical Oz. However it’s not quite how the book or the film depicted it, everyone is miserable, grey and depressed, the munchkins are slaves and flying monkeys are wingless. So what happened to the Oz Amy grew up loving? Dorothy happened.

Heartless – I’m a huge fan of the Luna Chronicles by Marissa Meyers, so when I heard she was writing something different I got very excited. It follows the backstory of the Queen of Hearts and how she became so evil! This is definitely one of those books where you have to be patient and persevere for a bit as it starts a bit slow however I can guarantee that if you keep reading you won’t be disappointed.

A Court of Thornes and Roses – This is probably one of my favorites on the list as in my eyes Sarah never writes a bad book! Growing up ‘Beaty and the Beast’ was my favorite Disney fairy tale and I thought Sarah’s retelling was unique and nothing short of magical.  All the characters are wonderful especially Feyre who was such a strong and powerful woman who has amazing character development and relationships with other characters if you know what I mean! Pre-warning this book is steamy, I’m not kidding, the chemistry sparks right from the pages and we get some sexy times that made me swoon (Chapter 27, if you know what I mean…).


One thought on “Our Favourite Fairy Tale Retellings

  1. This are all such great recommendations! Fairy tale retellings is one of my favourite genres, and the only one I haven’t read on this list is Cruel Beauty, so this has really spurred me on to pick it up! Great post ❤ – Maddie x

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