Thor: Ragnarok – Trailer Reaction


You can watch the trailer here.

My sister and I are huge fans of the Marvel Universe and of Thor in general because who doesn’t love Chris Hemsworth and these movies are always packed with action, humor and badass fight scenes. I love the elements of 80s sci-fi movies mixed with your typical full-blooded MCU spectacle which is giving me ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ vibes! There’s a lot in there for such a short teaser, but it never feels like we’re being force-fed too much information instead it’s just making more excited for this film.

I had mixed feelings about Thor’s new look because I was a huge fan of the long hair but I’m warming to the new short hair and it feels like he’s gotten funnier! We see a glimpse of Loki as well and fingers crossed we get to see more of him in this film! And the Hulk! I loved that final scene but now I want to know more about how he ended up in the same situation as Thor! It’s about time we had a villain introduced into the MCU with Earth-shattering potential and it looks like Cate Blanchett’s Hela fills this position. Not only do we get an immediate sense of her mythology thanks to the flashbacks, we also get a firm promise of how powerful she is – she can’t just wield Thor’s hammer, she can shatter it like a toy which hasn’t been seen before.

All in all, I am super excited for this film, can’t it be October already?


One thought on “Thor: Ragnarok – Trailer Reaction

  1. Oooh I’ll have to tell my friend about the exciting news! (although being the crazy Marvel fanatic she is she probably already knows lol) Even I have watched the other movies, but unfortunately I watched them backwards, because someone had told me to watch the second one first??? So it was pretty confusing, which made it a not-so-enjoyable film. 😦


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