Empire of Storms – Sarah J Maas

This book was massive… in every sense of the word. The stakes were huge, the story was huge, the fights were huge and the actual book was nearly 700 pages! For this reason this book took a long time for me to read, that doesn’t distract from the value of the story or the writing, it’s just I was very busy and the book was massive!

Empire of Storms is the 5th book in the ‘Throne of Glass’ series by Sarah J Maas, a much loved series for many people but especially for Amy and I. I will try to keep this post spoiler free in terms of this book, but I can’t keep any promises for previous books in the series, so this perhaps isn’t the post to read if you’re only on book two. So this book picks up from the dramatic events of the previous book, Adarlan has fallen and the group have to figure out what to do. The best way I can describe this book is that the characters are basically planning a war against Erawan and the Valg. However they also have Maeve to think about and her potential threat.

What I liked about this book was that all the characters had such a part to play in the story, especially all the main people. Even though I found it a ‘planning book’ it was still really action packed and interesting. Also unlikely relationships formed, which I loved and can’t wait to see how they develop. And obviously previous relationships continue such as Aelin and Rowan, which I’m sure you’re all happy about and believe me this book doesn’t disappoint on that front! I love everything about Sarah J Maas’s writing style, she describes things so well and has developed this world of hers so wonderfully, it is honestly so rich in detail now it’s amazing!

Apart from having a massive gap from reading this book, when I did finally get back to reading it I always wanted to read more. I always find this with Sarah’s books, she makes me want to read them and want to know what happens next! This is definitely the case with the end in the book, it was set up in a way that I am SO EXCITED for the 6th installment, and interested know how they’re going to get out of a bit of a sticky mess…

One thing I would say about this book is that it is quite complicated and really political so it probably wasn’t the best book to read at this point in my life, in hindsight. It was hard to get my head around all the different plots and political view points (I am really rubbish at politics) when I had just started university… But nevertheless that was my fault. Another thing I struggled with was trying to remember every little detail of the previous books that were brought up in this book, but this is probably my bad memory… The final ‘negative’ thing is that it was a little slow at some points, this was probably because they had to set up for all the big scenes and the plot, but it wasn’t really easy reading, if that makes sense…

Anyway, in conclusion, I really did like this book. It picked up a lot more towards the end and had me constantly reading over Christmas! If you’ve read the other books I highly recommend reading this book, because obviously there is so much left to the story that is really exciting to learn about. I’m going to give this book 4/5 stars – I can’t wait for the 6th!


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