7 Reasons To Watch The Shannara Chronicles

These posts seem to be doing really well and have been getting some great responses, so we might keep doing them but it does worry me how we haven’t run out of TV shows yet!? The Shannara Chronicles will definitely be on my 2016 favourites list, as not only is a book-to-tv show adaptation but it is a perfect fantasy adventure with an amazing (and good looking) cast and storyline.

1. The Cast – Not only are they all extremely good looking but their acting, portrayal of characters and relationships on and off screen were all amazing and it was really easy to fall in love with them and their storyline!  Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero and Manu Bennett are just some of the names and are all just brilliant. I seriously can’t wait to see more of them in season two!

2. The CGI and Special Effects – Some of the best special effects and CGI I’ve seen on a TV show, and it really helps bring this magical and wonderful world to life. The makeup and prosthetics were also brilliant, realistic and pretty scary at times.

3. The Soundtrack – One of the most forgotten elements of every show I think, but seriously along with Reign it is one of my favourites, including the theme song,  Midnight by Coldplay and Introspective by New Division. Even if you don’t watch the show I recommend that check out its playlist on Youtube here.

4. The Storyline –  There are so many twists, cliffhangers and action  in this show, I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed or bored. There’s also a little bit of romance and magic which is cleverly intertwined with the plot.

5. The Fight Scenes – When I think of fight scenes not only do I think of the action in every single episode but mainly the season finale which is just so dramatic and had me on the edge of my seat from the whole thing! Each scene is cleverly choreographed and badass, it makes me wish that I was in the action with them!

6. The Costumes – Again, they are some of my favourites (besides Reign) especially Amberlee’s dresses and outfits. Everything is so fitting to the world and is just so elegant from the ball gowns to the armour.

7. It’s a Book-TV Adaptation – This means that we get to see some of our favourite characters come to life and if you’re a huge fan like me and haven’t read the books, you can start reading them along with the series and get a sneak peak into what’s going to happen in season 2!


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