7 Reasons To Watch Outlander

So Amy and I, accidently, both started watching Outlander at the same time whilst at university… creepy I know… Anyway, we are both absolutely IN LOVE with the TV show and genuinely can’t get enough of it! We’re even planning a trip to Scotland in the summer (we both have considerable Scottish heritage, so that just adds to out excitement!) So lets get to it, 7 reasons why you should watch Outlander!

  1. It is visually stunning – most of the show was filmed on location in the Highlands of  Scotland, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only is the setting beautiful but the show is incredibly shot and the cinematography is to die for! 2.
  2. Accents/ Gaelic – I have to admit, I find the Scottish accent really attractive, having an English accent myself (which I think is a little plain) a Scottish accent is just different, but not too different, if you know what I mean… and the accents in this show are very strong! Also, the use if the Gaelic language without subtitles, I thought this was really brave for the TV show to do. However, it also makes so much sense because they would have spoken Gaelic in that period and also you’re looking through Claire’s eyes, who can’t speak Gaelic, so if she can’t understand it, why should we?
  3. Jamie Fraser – Now, I have to admit, one of my most favourite part of this show is the character of Jamie. Not only is he visually beautiful (I mean seriously he is so good looking!) But his character has such a beautiful soul, he’s so kind, forward thinking and intelligent. He’s just a perfect man. Also Sam Heughan plays him so brilliantly it’s unreal.
  4. Claire Randall/ Fraser – I really look up to Claire as a character, mainly because of her intelligence and her grace. She is such a talented nurse in every way, not only does she have all the knowledge, but she always wants to help people in any way she can. Being on a medical course (not Nursing but Midwifery) I can have even more admiration for her character. And, once again, Caitriona Balfe, really brings the character to life and portrays Claire so beautifully.
  5. The Soundtrack – the music in this series is simply beautiful. The Celtic music sounds so mysterious and adventurous that it fits with the story wonderfully. I also like to listen to the soundtrack when I’m doing uni work or when I’m trying to relax, like in the bath.
  6. The Bad Guy – Now, I hate to admit this but Jack Randall is the worst villain ever, but also the best villain to hate! He honestly makes my blood boil, he’s sick, evil and sadistic. That being said he brings an awful lot to the show, being such an antagonist he is vital to the story line, the character is also brilliantly acted by Tobias Menzies, which is why he’s on this list.
  7. The Costumes – The costumes are absolutely stunning, they’re so detailed and authentic, especially in season 2 (those who have watched the show will know why). The pieces are an absolute treat for the eyes, especially seeing Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) in a kilt…

Well that’s my list of 7 reasons to watch Outlander! I would recommend anyone to watch this, especially if you watch Game of Thrones or like anything Scottish. The show is truly fabulous and there are many more reasons to watch it than I have listed here.


3 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Watch Outlander

  1. Shannon Reads says:

    I wanted to like the show and book so much! Since it is really hyped and I am Scottish. A little bit of the show was actually filmed in my home town (Kilmarnock) which was another reason I wanted to watch it. Unfortunatly I didn’t like the book or the show which was really dissappointing. I have been thinking about giving the show a second chance but i’m not too sure yet. I might not like the show but I do love the soundtrack, I just love the sound of the pipes and drums!

    Even though I don’t really like Outlander I really liked this post!🙃


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