Our Spontaneous Trip To London


Another post which is well overdue (as you can see Eleanor and I are super organised at the moment) but we wanted to share our experiences and tell everyone about our spontaneous and fab time in London. When I mean spontaneous I really do mean it, as it involved me sending a message to Eleanor a couple days before at 10pm asking her if she wanted to go to London! That night we booked train and theatre tickets as well as freaking out about how spontaneous this all was because we are never like this!

When the day came it was a very early start and started off with a 3 hour train journey which we both spent gossiping and catching up. Admittedly, when in London we managed to get ourselves lost on the tube (that was Eleanor’s fault) but it wasn’t for long before we were back on track.  First stop was Leicester Square which I literally freaked out over because this is where most of the UK premiere’s are held and I am a huge film lover. There we had a quick lunch and enjoyed the sunshine before heading to the theatre. Les Miserables is one of our all time favourite theatre productions so seeing it in London was very exciting for both of us! Although we were right at the back (in the cheap seats) we were able to see and hear everything and didn’t take away anything from the experience. The whole cast was incredible and we just loved everything about it from the sets to the songs.

This is where things get a bit cringe-worthy, as we were seated next to this good-looking bloke who we did get speaking to and he found us very funny with our stupid comments and general behaviour. Anyway, the conversation was beginning to flow quite nicely and soon we moved on to the topic other shows we had watched. When asked her opinion on a show, Eleanor decided to embarrass herself by replying with the comment ‘oh that’s fabbo’ in a very posh British accent; Who on earth says fabbo?!? Well, that was it, when we had both realised what she had just said we were in heaps of laughter and still take the mick by sending ‘fabbo’ to each other! From there it went downhill, we kept jumping at all the gunshots and even debated whether to get £3 ice cream in the interval. At the end of the show, our handsome stranger left his seat in a hurry and we will never know whether it was because of Eleanor and I or the fact he had a train to catch….

The rest of our afternoon was very relaxed as we spent most our time in Green Park soaking up the beautiful sunshine and doing typical touristy things like visiting Buckingham Palace and Nelson’s Column. The journey home, however, has to be one of my all-time favourite journeys as it was filled with hysterical laughter as we looked back at the day’s events.

Overall, it was a cracking day which I’m sure neither one of us will forget and it is easy to say that we both recommend that you go and see Les Miserables because it was just incredible! We also want to encourage our followers to go on more spontaneous trips as in my opinion they’re the best and you never know what’s going to happen!


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