Glass Sword – Victoria Aveyard

Once again Victoria Aveyard a has written another amazing book which we both absolutely loved! Was it as good as the first book? No, but still it was packed with action, and equally fantastic characters!

Glass Sword is the highly anticipated sequel to Red Queen and if you haven’t yet read that yet, I recommend you go and check out our review here! The book follows our group of hero’s as they begin their search to find and protect Red’s with Silver abilities as well as trying to defeat Maven and his evil tricks.

We were able to meet so many new characters in this book as the group searched for other Red’s with abilities and I loved that we got to see a lot of new and unique abilities in use. We both instantly fell in love with Shade, Mare’s brother, as he was funny, clever and his love and protection for his sister was so cute! Farley was another kick ass character who we got see more of and I love how determined and brave she is!

Mare on the other hand we weren’t a fan of. Her time spent with the Silvers molded her into something different, not like the Mare we saw in the first book. We both got a bit frustrated at times with her ruthless, vindictive and Silver-like behaviour and the fact sometimes she was just plain moody. But saying this there were times where she was a brave and cunning badass!

We didn’t see much of Maven in this book but he was constantly in our protagonists thoughts; I love him but at the same time I hate him! But with Maven out of the way it allowed us to get to know Cal more which I liked as well as seeing his relationship with Mare develop. To say their relationship is complicated is an understatement, both have been hurt by the other and their is serious tension but paradoxically, they protect one another despite their past. I love them!

The plot line once again was full of action and I enjoyed exploring more of the world Aveyard had created however at times I felt that a few of the action scenes felt a bit rushed which I was disappointed in as I’m a sucker for a good dramatic action scene. But despite that I thought it was a fab storyline. The ending once again was seriously dramatic, I mean I’m seriously suffering from a book hangover it was that good!

Overall, this is a glorious heartbreaking story which will leave you once again shocked at everything that has happened! I’m going to rate this book 4.5 stars a fab read which we recommend to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Glass Sword – Victoria Aveyard

  1. Yaaay, someone who enjoyed Glass Sword! I haven’t read this yet (it’s sitting on my desk, collecting dust) but I really can’t wait to since I loved Red Queen.
    I can’t wait to see more of Maven; I hope that, since he isn’t seen much in Glass Sword, he’ll get more time in the third book. 😍
    Lovely review!

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  2. Mare was so moody, it made me feel like I was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A shame too because she’s such a strong character but you just want to smack some sense into her!

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