Shadowhunters Series Review

*** This will probably contain spoilers!***

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this series, I was really excited but also apprehensive for another adaptation of one of my favourite book series. I was very happy with the cast aesthetically, in my opinion they looked perfect, but my main concern was whether they would stay true to the characters and whether they could actually act!

With the first few episodes I was a little worried with the casting choices, I felt Dom and Kat as Jace and Clary were showing weaker performances than the rest of the cast, however I feel this was partly due to a mediocre script. Nevertheless I was compelled to keep watching week after week and it started to become such a guilty pleasure! But, I was really pleased to see that with each episode the script got stronger and the acting got stronger, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out if they filmed chronologically because I could see them settle into their characters and explore them more and more! Some of the performances I was really impressed by was Alberto who played Simon, I really felt as though he completely captured the heart of Simon and acted him so beautifully! Also I felt Mathew’s performance as Alec was also was superb as well as Alan Van Sprang’s portrayal of the evil Valentine! However, I have to give Dom and Kat credit for their emotional performances, especially towards the end of the series, they looked really tough but they did amazingly and I felt they have really grown grown as actors throughout the show! I also thought that Dom’s American accent was really good, but to be honest I wouldn’t know a lot about that because I have an English accent myself and I’m shockingly bad at the American accent, so I’ll probably think anything sounding remotely like an American accent is good! (If you know more about accents than me, please comment your thoughts on his accent!)

I quite liked where the show writers took the events of the books, it kept me on my toes and gave me a few surprises which I really liked! But I was mainly happy because the story was still recognizable and wasn’t completely different to the book. Some of the added bits that I really enjoyed was how they interpreted Malec and the whole wedding with Lydia, not going to lie it had me a little worried, but I should have had more faith in the writers and in Cassie that Malec will always prevail! Although saying that, I really liked how the wedding brought out the conflicting emotions within Alec and how he wants to have alliance with Jace but he also wants to impress his parents and the Clave. I also really liked how Valentine disguised himself as Micheal Wayland, it gave all of us book lovers a great cliff hanger and left us all completely confused as to how this major plot point in the book would be played out in the show! It left me tense and excited and I love that!

Overall I really did enjoy this show and I’m so glad things picked up and that they stayed faithful to the characters and to (most) of the book! I’m going to award this 4 out of 5 stars, I cannot wait for season 2! Hazaarr!


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