My Trip To England’s Largest Bookshop!


Yesterday my brother took me on a birthday trip to London! The predominate reason was to go and see the West End show ‘The Book of Mormon’, however we had a spare hour, so we went to Floyles, the biggest bookshop in the UK!

This was hands down the most beautiful bookshop I have ever been in, the 8 floors just held rows upon rows of books for me to peruse, I could have been there a lot longer than an hour! One of my most favourite aspects of this bookshop was that it was so open and bright, as you walked in you could look up and see very floor, accommodated with a massive skylight! It was go pretty, and the smell wasn’t bad either!

There were also loads of wonderful quotes painted on the walls, one of my favourites (as seen in the photo that was really badly taken) was ‘Welcome book lovers, you are among friends’ it was so simple yet really quite touching. I also noticed when I was there that there were loads of special editions of books, I don’t know if this was because it’s a very famous bookshop, but one that caught my eye was a signed, first addition of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare! If I didn’t already have a copy then that would have gone straight in my basket!

I seriously need to return to Foyles with a lot longer than an hour to spend in there, and I would seriously recommend any book lover to visit if you’re ever in London, it’s situated on Charing Cross Road, but I shall leave a link to the google maps HERE.

I hop you enjoyed this different kind of blog post, and please let me know if you have ever visited Foyles or are planning to visit!



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