Oscars – Biased Predictions 2016




Yes, it’s that time of year again- awards season. This is my favourite time of year as I’m a huge fan of film and I love to see the all the celebrities get dressed up on the red carpet and most importantly see who receives which awards. So, this year I thought we should make our own (biased) predictions for this year’s Oscars. For the full list of Oscar Nominees then visit the Official Website here!

Best Picture – This year the competition for Best Picture is fierce and even I’m having trouble picking a favourite to win as I think every film nominated is fantastic! I’ve haven’t seen yet ‘Bridge of Spies’ or ‘The Big Short’ but I’ve seen everything else and if I have to pick a winner then it’s going to be ‘The Revenant’ or  ‘Spotlight’ but I would love ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ to win!

Best Actor – I think it is obvious who we all want to win this year..Leonardo D’Caprio! This is his 6th nomination and I really do hope he finally wins, I think it would be cruel of the Academy if they didn’t give him one!

Best Actress – God, I’m struggling with each category as there are so many incredible Actors and Actresses nominated! After a lot of consideration I think Brie Larson will win as her work in ‘Room’ was incredible and was such a powerful performance. Oh but then there is Jennifer Lawrence who I adore, this is becoming a lot harder than I expected!

Best Supporting Actor – Tom Hardy or Sylvester Stallone. Again another case where I would be happy to see either Actor win but if I had to pick one it would be Stallone to win for ‘Creed’ as he never one an Oscar for ‘Rocky’ and I think now is the time!

Best Supporting Actress – I love this category this year because it’s such a great mix of exciting newcomers and legendary veterans and if I could pick a winner it would either be Alicia Vikander or Kate Winslet.  I think Alicia is a brilliant newcomer who I loved in both Ex Machina and The Danish Girl but then theres Kate who has always been wonderful and I never fail to enjoy her work!

Best Director – Alejandro G. Iñárritu again has to win this award not only for his incredible film but for his unique and powerful filming. As well as this I also loved ‘Mad Max’ so I wouldn’t mind if George Miller won but I’m putting my money on Alejandro.

Best Adapted Screenplay – For this award I would pick ‘Brooklyn’ as it was such a lovely film and all I need to do now is read the book. As much as I want it to win for Best Picture, I think it’s got a better chance of winning this award instead.

Best Original Screenplay – ‘Ex Machina’ or ‘Inside Out’ are both fantastic films and I would be really pleased to see either of these films win!

That’s some my biased predictions! Do you agree/disagree? I will be watching the Oscars, but living in the UK makes it difficult due to timings and I’ve got exams tomorrow morning but that won’t stop me from catching up on all the fashion and awards tomorrow evening! Eeeeek I’m excited!


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